Lincoln Park

Friday, May 01, 2020

I'm sure just like everyone, I've been itching to travel or at least have a change of scenery. This summer/fall I have 4 weddings and 1 concert to attend. Not gonna lie, I'm going to be pretty upset if any of them get cancelled. In the meantime,  I managed to find these gems from a trip to Chicago I took last October. It's crazy to think how much the world has changed in just 2 months. Can we go back to the time when people are not afraid to walk next to you on a sidewalk?

On this trip, I got to cross two things off my Chicago bucket list: taking pictures by lake Michigan, and seeing the Home Alone house. Let me tell you, their yard is a lot smaller than I was picturing. And, not gonna lie, I felt a little creepy just slowly driving by it. I was surprised by how blue/green Lake Michigan is. Words do not do it justice! Down by the beach felt like a completely different world. It felt like summer again!

Of course we had to take a stop at Lincoln Park Zoo. Who doesn't look free activities? It doesn't compare to Brookfield Zoo, but this zoo has a synchronized swimming polar bear. He would do this cute flip thing over and over. It was adorable! Anyways, that was the gist of our trip: eating and site seeing!

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