Diy Monogram Dorm Decor

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

   I myself am moving into a dorm and have been obsessing over anything monogrammed; it just sends off this preppy vibe. I wanted to have a monogram frame that was inspired by my bedding! So why purchase a monogram picture when you create one yourself for much less (and is a perfect Diy for those who are not very artistic)? Just note that the colors and patterns can be customized to your personal liking.  So let's get started.......

1. Google a design for your background, save it to your computer, and upload it to

2. Click overlays>>Geometric and add a rectangle. Mine is in the color b9b9b9

3. Again, Click overlays and scroll down to “Labels”. Click the scalloped circle.Mine is in the color b9b9b9

4. Right Click >> Duplicate Overlay. Then decrease  the size and change the color. Mine is in the color 5df9ff.

5. Using Google Chrome (in another tab than picmonkey),  google “White Anchor Icon” (it should be the first pic.). Save it. Then go back into your picmonkey and click Overlays>> Your own.

6. Add your initials using your favorite text. I used the font “playball”

7. Print out your saved picture on Microsoft Word, add to a frame, ad glue a bow to the top of them frame. Voila! Hang your picture frame on a wall or display on a desk.

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