Downtown Blanche & Noire

Friday, August 22, 2014

"Fashion Is The Armor To Survive
The Reality of Everyday Life" ~ Bill Cunningham

  Feeling like a mix of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in my dress and heels,  this afternoon was spent gallivanting downtown. All the cute boutiques had so much more character than well known apparel stores such as Forever 21. Although I could not afford everything that caught my eye, it was a pleasure to just spend the day browsing and relaxing. I could not ask for a more perfect dress to complete this classy afternoon.

 A “Little White Dress” in the summer is the perfect equivalent to a winter’s “Little Black Dress”. In my opinion, it just screams happiness and suntans! This dress in particular is unique because of the bow details in the back and sporty, black accents on the collar. To add a chic contrast, a blue-grey pearl necklace was added. Finally, this Jackie & Audrey-esque outfit would not be complete without a pair of black patent heels.

Where to wear it?
Perfect for a Sunday brunch and even a quick browsing trip to Tiffany & Co.

Outfit Details
-Little White Bow Dress: TJ Maxx
-Black Patent Heels: Payless
-Blue/Grey Pearl Necklace: Meijer
-White Pearl Bracelet: Meijer
-Earrings: Claire’s

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