Soft Pink in Paradise

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will" ~Karim Seddiki
  If you know me at all, my “go-to” outfit is a dress accessorized with pearls and black shoes of some sort, whether they be heels, sandals, etc. I guess the reason behind it is because pearls instantly glamourize any outfit and provide an eye-catching contrast. In regards to this particular outfit, the white pearls contradict the black hearts,straps, and belt found on the dress creating a balance of light and dark colors. Though, my absolute favorite thing in regards to pearls is the classy and feminine vibe they give off: perfect to go along with the mood of this pink heart dress provided through the soft, chiffon material and baby pink coloring. It truly is one of my most comfortable dresses (which is why I wore it on vacation) and makes me feel like a chic young lady without having to dress in black from head-to-toe. Finally what makes this dress unique is the fact the hearts are printed upside down….how cute!

Where to wear it?     
Perfect for a lunch date and even a baby shower!
**Tip: add a blazer and flats for a professional setting

Outfit Details
-Baby Pink Chiffon Heart Dress: TJ Maxx
-Black Sandals: Target
-Pearl Necklace: Kohl’s
-Coral Bracelet: Kohl’s
-Tan Bracelet: A Local Boutique

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