September Favorites

Sunday, October 05, 2014

"You Don't Have To Have It All Planned Out
To Move Forward"
Hello to a new month & hello to a new me! This past month changes have been made to my routine in regards to sleep, social aspects, hair, and makeup. I have never been the person to stay up past ten o’clock, but this month I feel deprived if I go to bed before 11 pm. So I have been staying up later, resulting in me showering in the morning instead of evening. Because of that, I have been blow-drying my hair instead of letting it air dry. Now I do not have straighten every piece of hair.  Instead, I can just blow dry my hair and I am only forced to flat iron the front pieces. It may not save me time, but I feel a little bit better in regards to keeping my hair healthy. With that being said, this month has definitely been the month for pampering. I have never been the person to use a toner; I never believed it would make a difference, but let me tell you...IT HAS! Every morning and night I  have been using Clean & Clear’s Deep Cleaning Toner, and after using it, my skin feels sooooo refreshed! I would highly recommend this if you’re skin is feeling a little dull.
Speaking of dullness, I have been noticing my makeup looking a little blah. I felt like I was doing the same routine, so I decided to change it up and go for a more natural, but shimmery eye. For that look, I have been gravitating towards my Naked 3 palette, specifically Trick, Burnout, and Limit. Those three shades have been my go to look along with Maybelline’s Mast Hi-light blushes for a nice glow to my cheeks and Chapsticks’ cake batter for nice, hydrated lips. This look is super simple, universal, and just makes you look awake!
For TV favorites, I have been enjoying my guilty pleasure: Teen Mom. I know it’s not the most influential show, but for some reason, it’s  addicting!
Three songs that have been on repeat this September were 5 seconds of summer covered by Corey Gray, I believe by Basic Vacation, and Step Away by Corey Gray. Words cannot describe how catchy these songs are!
My favorite youtube-er has been pbbunny97. Her makeup is always flawless and she’s like a barbie! The ultimate reason why I enjoy her videos so much is because of her fashion hauls and OOTW. They are always on point! Finally, my fashion must-have this month has been my white converse. They are incredibly comfortable and go great with anything: skirts, dress, jeans etc. I just think they are so preppy and I feel as if I need to buy them in black for the fall and winter because I have for sure gotten my money’s worth out of my white pair!

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