An Outfit for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


"Be Thankful For What You Are Now,
And Keep Fighting For What You Want To Be Tomorrow"
Mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, gravy, biscuits, & corn, can I just eat it all right now?!? It seems as if Thanksgiving has already passed thanks to the unusually cold weather and flurries of snow. I just love waking up to that first snowfall. It always takes me by surprise to see the ground covered in white fluff. I must say it has really put me in the holiday spirit. I have even been craving to listen to Christmas music….don’t judge me.
With Thanksgiving a little over a week away, I wanted to give you all an idea of what to wear for your Thanksgiving meal. For the outfit, I wanted it to be timeless, but steering away from the traditional maroon and hunter green color palette. And can I just say how cute the bow is?
Outfit Details
Cobalt Blue Bow Dress: Kohl’s
 Houndstooth Scarf: Meijer
Black Booties: Target


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  2. Love love love your outfit! Such fun locations too! Can't wait to see more posts. We should take pictures together sometime though :)


    (sorry, I misspelled something and couldn't edit it!)

    1. Thanks so much! It's hard to find places to photograph around campus. But we definetly should take photos together sometime. Let me know when you're free :)


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