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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

"Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide To Be Yourself" -Coco Chanel
Basics goes beyond just the famous “little black dress”. These are pieces every girl should own in her wardrobe regardless of the season.
  1. Black Pumps: they go with everything - jeans, dresses, skirts, etc- and instantly adds glamour
  2. Dark Skinny Jeans: can be dressed up or down
  3. White t-shirt: Perfect for those days when you want your accessories to do the talking
  4. Black T-shirt: Again, perfect for those days when you want your accessories to do the talking, but is also amazing at making lighter colors pop
  5. Leather Jacket: Not only does it keep you warm, but it also makes you look like a badass
  6. Black Pencil/Bodycon Skirt: Self explanatory
  7. Black Blazer: again, one of those pieces that instantly glamourizes an outfit
  8. Black Tights: perfect for those colder days when you’re rocking a dress/skirt
  9. Solid Infinity/Loop scarf:  Doesn’t matter what color, just any solid colored scarf to add some oomph to an outfit
  10. Black Flats: For those days when you don’t feel like strutting in pumps
  11. Trench and/or Pea Coat: perfect to pair overtop dresses and skirts.
  12. Pearl Necklace: When in doubt, wear pearls. Seriously goes with EVERYTHING!
  13. Watches: any rosegold, gold, or silver watch will do!
Little Black Dress: Who doesn’t want to look like the classic Audrey Hepburn?

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