Pretty Little Liars Inspired Outfits

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

"You Can Tell A lot About A Person By Their Shoes" -Hanna Marin

With tonight being the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, I wanted to style four different outfits based upon the characters. These are not exact outfits but rather outfits inspired by my interpretation of their style.

Hannah: she is definitely the girliest of the bunch. You always see her in a blazers and dresses with cute heels and accessories, which is why I accessorized the dress with a classic blazer.
Outfit Details
Black Blazer: Kohls
Purple Printed Dress: Sear’s
Dark Pearl Necklace: Meijer
Emily: her style is the easiest to recreate. She leans towards more simple and casual pieces. To top off her outfits though, she likes to add a jacket, which is why I centered my outfit around a moto/military  jacket.
Outfit Details
Black Moto Jacket: Ross
Grey Striped Shirt: Meijer
Jeans: Hollister
Teal Scarf: (my Grandma made it)

Spencer: Vintage is where Spencer gets her inspiration from. Her clothes are always super preppy, but in a cute way. The dress I paired leans more on the vintage side because of the big black and ivory stripes mixed with the lace neckline.
Outfit Details
Black and Ivory Striped Dress: Target
Bubble Necklace: Charming Charlie
Aria: Her style is definitely the most challenging to recreate. It’s super unique and funky that it’s hard to find similar pieces of clothing. Even though the shirt I chose is pink, a color that she typically would not gravitate towards, I think the leather peplum suites her edgy/unique style. In addition, the statement necklace I paired with it, is also on the funky side.
Outfit Details
Pink and Leather Peplum Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Statement Necklace: Hallmark
Jeans: Hollister

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