10 Things You Did Not Know About Me...

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

"No Matter How Long The Winter, Spring Is Sure To Follow"
Just ten random facts about me….

1. I am DEATHLY afraid of cats. If they are near me, I instantly freakout and will make up an excuse to th leave the room. I even have dreams where cats bite my legs/arms and won’t let go… I know I’m weird.
2. I only eat bananas that have a hint of green. I think that’s when they taste the best
3. Home Alone 1 and 2 will always be my favorite movies regardless of the season. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched it.
4. I eat my cereal “dry”. I cannot stand milk. And I could eat cereal for any meal. It makes an excellent snack, dessert, etc.
5. I’ve never swallowed a pill before. I’ve never been a medicine person before. I prefer to let “it run it’s course”
6. If it comes in black… I’ll buy it! I’ve never been a big color person. Black just looks much more chic to me.
7 .When I was 4 & 5, I took ballet and tap. However I hated it because I thought my teacher looked like a boy with her short hair. When I was older, I learned the reason she had short hair was because she had breast cancer… Now I feel horrible
8. I LOVE to wake up early in order to apply makeup and style my hair. I hate to be rushed… so the more time to spare, the better…
9. I can never psych myself up to putting my head underwater...which is why I’ve yet to do a cannonball.
10. In 2nd grade, I was doing laps around my kitchen (I’m not entirely sure why) , but then I slipped, fell on my chin, and broke it open. There was so much blood , that I repetitively said , “I’m going to die”

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