NOTD: Bold Blues

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Broken Crayons Still Color"
   Just wanted to share a quick nail-of-the-day post. I have been absolutely loving wear vibrant, cobalt blue polish on my nails. It definitely makes a statement! About two months ago I got a no-chip manicute and picked a similar color.  The only difference is the no-chip was obviously ten times shinier. This polish from essie isn’t bad though. And I love pairing a neutral accent glitter nail with any combination of nail polish. It just adds this interesting dimension.
The combination of blue and gold reminds me of my mom’s ballgown that she wore to my brother’s wedding. The bodice and matching jacket  was sweetheart with  blue and  gold sequin embellishments. And the bottom half  was luxurious blue ballgown skirt with a couple of box pleats.
Nail Polish Details
Butler Please by Essie
Gold Rebel by Wet n’ Wild

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