What's Inspiring Me # 2

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"When Something Goes Wrong In Your Life,
Just Yell 'Plot Twist' And Move On!"
 I guess an obvious theme of these photos would be blue and gold. I love how together these two colors really pop!
(From Left to Right and Top to Bottom)
  1. I love how minimalistic this photo is and how the glass of beer is not center. The angle that this was taken makes the glass superior in the photo. Can we just talk about how beautiful the sky is?  And the ledge is a nice addition to the photo. I’m glad it was not cropped out because it breaks up the photo and creates a nice balance.
  2. Everything about this outfit screams perfection! The rich blue color of the coat balances out the striped watch and the gold hardware on the purse picks up the gold jewelry. And I love how relaxed her arms and hands are.
  3. Even though this photo was posed, it seems so natural. The model face is relaxed and I love how she’s looking away from the camera. The texture of the stairs in the background adds some nice dimension without overtaking the subject. And I like how some of the steps are in focus but not all.
  4. So let’s start with the obvious….the gorgeous sunshine! It’s simply breathtaking.  I love how the water and silhouettes of the buildings are barely visible. And just like the glass of beer photo, I love how the silhouette of the man has this superiorness.
Photo Credit (from Left to Right)
Skinnybelle, Evalina’s Fashion Cafe, Kristina Bazan, Derek Hough

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