A Look Back At My Freshman Year of College

Saturday, May 16, 2015

"You Get A Strange Feeling When You Leave A Place, Like You'll Not Only Miss The People You Love,
 But You Miss The Person You Are At This Time And Place Because You'll Never Be This Way Ever Again"

   AHHHHH! Where did my first year of college go to?  I swear, it was just yesterday that it was that hot and sweaty humid August day that I moved into my dorm. That day felt like it was endless. I was overwhelmed when all of my belongings were plopped on the floor of my dorm;  I didn’t even know where to start! With the help of my parents, we managed to get it all organized. And I remember not wanting my parents to leave because then I would be all alone…. little did I know that an hour after they left, I would meet two of my best friends in the hallway. I remember walking outside around campus with them just talking and getting to know each other. Each of us wondering how we would get through this first year. And it was that moment that I felt a little bit more secure about my decision to attend this college.
And then before I knew it, my first week on campus passed by, it was time for the weekend...it was not until then that I realized how small and boring my college town was. And at that point, every time I looked at a photo of my niece, I was filled with sadness. I just wanted to be home and hear her bubbly laugh.  To pass time by, my friend and I decided to play ping pong….which was the best decision we made all year. From that night of ping pong we met two guys. And through them, I met some of my closest guy friends...one of which to this day I can’t get out of my head.
Before I knew it, first semester ended, and we were all heading back for our second semester. Let me tell you, second semester could not have been any different than first. I connected with different people and spent my free time differently. I even noticed a change in my academics. I found myself having a busier schedule and sometimes having to ask for help with homework from friends.  But somehow I still managed to squeeze in time for late night monopoly and marathons of Malcolm In The Middle. For me, spring semester went by way too quickly, but it was more memorable than my first semester. I am 100% over joyed with the way that my semester ended (minus the tears and empty feeling after leaving).
Some random things I learned this year……
-My school’s football team sucks
-Hockey games are incredibly entertaining
-Trips to Wal-Mart are exciting
-Avoid Procrastination
-Not everything goes as planned
- Take more photos for memories
- Photography and math are pretty much the only classes I had motivation to go to
- Don’t bring so much crap
- Everything works out in the end!

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  1. Congrats on completing your first year. I'm going to sound so old (and I'm not really!! I've just been done with college for a few years) by saying this, but cherish the college years. They are simply the best: the middle ground between childhood and the responsibility and pressures of real adulthood. Despite how I was ready to be done after the 4 years, looking back I'd go back and do it all again. Best wishes.

    1. awww your comment is so sweet and made my day! Believe me I will cherish these years; I already wish I could go back and re-do my first year.


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