Dear Sixteen Year-old Me,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"The Past Is A Place Of Reference, Not A Place Of Residence"

I  love the concept of this idea of writing a letter to your sixteen year old self. It allows you to reflect on the past and learn from your mistakes. So here’s mine……
Dear 16 year old me,
You make think your style is all that, BUT IT’S NOT! Pairing your vneck sweaters with your cheap,  brown boots that go over your knees and clearly don’t fit you, is not fashionable. And please, please, please,  get rid of your aeropostale shirts. Just because you thought they were cute in 7th grade, doesn’t mean they’re stylish now. And let’s talk about that eyeshadow…. smearing bright gold eyeshadow on your eyelid without any transition shades does not look cute! I highly suggest you watch some tutorials on the internet to improve your makeup skills. And let’s talk about your hair. Though you may think you’ll look cute with an asymmetrical bob, please don’t do it! The hairdresser will not understand exactly what you want, and it’ll just turn out looking like a ten year old. Trust me, your long hair is perfect the way it is!
Please do not waste your money on a sewing machine. Though it may seem all fun and pleasurable now, and you may think you want to be a fashion designer, your money will just go to waste. Sure you’ll sew a few things here and there, but it’s not worth the investment. You will change your career choice and your sewing machine will just serve as decoration on your desk.
Another thing to not waste your money on, is those hideous “boat shoes”, that you think look like Sperry Topsiders. Sure you’ll wear them a couple of times, but then you’ll realize your friend was right….they’re hideous and look like granny shoes.
And now let’s talk about your life in general. I’m sure you think  you will  drive your own convertible, will be little  miss popularity, will be the captain of the cheer team, and date the captain of the football team. Let me let you on a little secret…. it doesn’t always turn out like that little princess...but it’s okay. You’ll learn to grow to love tennis (though at first you may not be very good) and you’ll graduate with a little, close group of friends. And then you’ll move on to college and forget all about high school.
And one last piece of advice, stop worrying about the future; just live in the moment. Time flies by faster than you realize.

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