Seafoam Green - New York Day 3

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillful Sailor"
This was the day that we were least productive: at least in terms of tourist activities. I went to visit the college that I will attending in the fall. And let me tell you, the scenery is beyond gorgeous! I can foresee it taking some awesome blog photos there (I’ll just have to find someone who has the patience to be my photographer). The school definitely has some perks that my previous university did not offer. And though I’m excited to attend school here in the fall, I still have some doubts. But I imagine that’s normal.
A student who gave us a tour of the school recommended that we ate at City Diner. So after our tour, that’s exactly what we did! I had my doubts though because the last time I ate a diner, it was in a small town. The food was cheap and tasted like microwave meals. This on the otherhand was not the case. The atmosphere was that of a sports bar, and there was even a cute little bakery in the back of the diner. I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich, and it was awesome!
After we ate, we stopped by harborside to take some pictures. At the point, I realized I left my memory card in my laptop, so I couldn’t take any photos. Which is a shame, because the view was beautiful!  My mom did however take these snapshots, so at least I have them. If you couldn’t tell already, I love to take pictures infront of water with the skyscrapers as the background. I have no clue why, but there’s just something so inspiring about it! And it’s like you get the best of both worlds; a beach and a city!
We then headed back to our hotel for some swim time. I must say though, the water was super chilly. So it took a good half hour to actually get my entire body in the water. But it was a nice way to end this chilled, relax day.
Outfit Details:
Mint Dress: Meijer
Pink Statement Necklace: (gift)
White Watch: Charming Charlie

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  1. Love the dress! New York certainly is magical, and the food is (usually) terrific. I think you'll have a wonderful time at school here! Doubts are natural, but you'll be so proud of yourself for making the leap :). Good luck!


    1. I can't tell you how much your comment means to me! It's so sweet and made my day!

  2. I love the colour Sea Foam Green, love the colour combination of pink and green, and love your Meijer Mint Dress styled with that pink statement necklace. Both the necklace and the dress are beautiful. I love the geometric jacquard, the pleats and shape of the dress. The locale for your outfit photos is pretty as well.

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    1. awww thanks! I too love pink and green together. glad you enjoyed it!


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