A Polka-Dot Tea Party

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations"
The game plan for my day was to go with my mom to develop some photos of hers. For some reason, I felt the urge to wear this maxi dress. I've only worn it a couple times; once for a college visit in NYC and the other times were just to school. So I decided it was time to break it out again. While getting ready my mom was telling me to hurry up. So instead of searching for a necklace, I decided to rock a statement bracelet. It's big pearl bracelet with a cute oversized bow in the center. And if you know anything about me, pearls and bows are practically some of my signature pieces. So this bracelet was practically made for me! (Thanks to my roommate who generously bought it for me!)

On the drive over to the photo processing place, my mom decided to have a spontaneous photo shoot at one of our local parks. This park in particular is one of my favorites because of the big hill that over looks this massive pond. You could honestly just sit there for hours just looking at the nature and beauty. The trails that wind around the park are gorgeous and take amazing photographs.
For one shot, my mom wanted me to pose with her hat on...which actually turned out quite cute. All I needed was a pair of white lace gloves and a teacup and it would've been the perfect tea party look.  

I then snapped some photos of her. The funny thing is that we were practically wearing matching outfits. She has a dress with the same black and white polka dot pattern; the only difference is hers is not a maxi dress. I bet the people walking by thought we were a little crazy...oh well!

After a spontaneous photo shoot, we went and developed her pictures. And on the way home, we decided to stop at Baker's Square for dinner. I haven't been there in years! It's such a cute, almost old fashion like bakery/restaurant. I have forgotten how delicious their Oreo pie is! I was so glad we randomly decided to stop. I guess the whole day was all about spontaneous little trips. What kind of spontaneous things do you like to do?

Outfit Details
-Black and White Polka Dot Maxi Dress: Meijer
-Bow Pearl Bracelet: Walmart
-Magenta Purse: Kate Spade

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  1. Amaying post dear!


  2. what a lovely outfit dear , Love your dress , you look very pretty in it.
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    1. Thanks so much! and I will definitely check out your blog

  3. I love the dress, it's beautiful!! :)

  4. Your style is on point! Love coming to your blog!


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  5. Hey, this is so lovely Tea Party. It seems very enjoyable. I also wanted to throw a tea party on my 20th birthday but my mom is arranging a grand birthday bash for me at most popular LA event venues. I am quite excited for my 20th birthday!

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