A Weekend With The Most Beautiful Little Girl..

Thursday, July 02, 2015

"How Lucky Am I To Have Something That
Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard." - Winnie The Pooh
Two weekends ago I had the joy of babysitting my niece three nights in a row. It was the first time that I've seen her since Christmas! How crazy is that!?! That's way too long to be separated from her. She's changed quite a bit. She lost her first tooth, her dirty-blonde curls are longer, her gymnastic flips are reaching perfection, and she can even say the alphabet backwards. She even let me take some pictures of her which is always a pleasure. I swear she is the perfect model. She's always giving me different poses and facial expressions. However she's moves fast, so I really have to have my a-game on pointe if I want the perfect shot.
On the flip side  just sitting down and playing kitchen with her while her imagination runs wild, brings me so much happiness. You can imagine though that three days of that can get old pretty fast. And I hate to say it, but I'm always happy when she leaves because I have the chance to relax. This time though when she was leaving, she gave me FOUR of the BIGGEST hugs and wouldn't let go. That NEVER HAPPENS! I always have to BEG for a goodbye hug. So I guess that means she missed me just as much as I missed her. Which means the world to me, to know that I have made such a positive impact on her life.
And after she left, relaxing is exactly what I did. After an hour though, I wanted her to come back. That's always how it goes; I crave to see her, and when she does come around for a visit I'm overjoyed, until exhaustion kicks in. Then I'm ready for her to leave. But after she DOES leave, I'm filled with emptiness and can't wait for her next visit. I guess that just shows how much I love her. I'll probably love her more than my own kids...is that even possible? Idk.  All I can say is, when I leave for college once again, it will not be any easier to not hear her bubbly laugh and receive her bear hugs.   

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