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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

"Everyday Is A Chance To Change Your Life"
This past week, I'm  lucky enough to own my own set of golf clubs. I feel so professional now! Remember when I mentioned in a previous post at the start of summer, how I golfed for the first time? Well I've improved a little! I'm no where near ready for a full of game of golf because my swing still needs some work. However, with these new clubs that are specifically made for women, I think my swing will improve quickly! I cannot wait to see how far I will come. I remember when I played tennis for the time.... I was awful! However, slowly but surely I achieved a decent forehand and backhand. I have a feeling golf will be the same... I'll suck majorly at first, but slowly work my up!

Now onto the nails! Please ignore the fact that the paint job is horrendous; I was too lazy too clean up the edges! Let's talk about this color though! Some may think that light purple nails are only appropriate for spring and Easter time, but I love it for the summer! It goes great with a tan. And there's just something so youthful and feminine about it. This particular polish, is amazing as far as lasting power goes. I've had it on for two weeks and it is now just beginning to chip... how crazy is that!
Nail Polish Details
Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen

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  1. I love that nail color! They look beautiful!

  2. That is such a nice color!


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