Thanksgiving Weekend

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

"I'm Going To Make The Rest Of My Life, The Best Of My Life"
Believe it or not, I was not as enthused about Black Friday as I normally am. Normally the night before Black Friday, it feels like Christmas. This year though, it felt like any other day. Maybe it was because I intended to just browse and not purchase anything. Or maybe it was because we decided to go shopping at 7 am and not 5ish/6ish am. Who knows! ( I do want to one of these years go shopping at midnight and see what all the fuss is about). My mom was actually the one who did the most damage. Which is funny, because she normally doesn't come shopping with us.
At around noon-ish we ended our Black Friday shopping, ate our Thanksgiving leftovers, and waited for my boyfriend to arrive for the weekend. And when he did arrive, I couldn't be more happy! It was his first time visiting my town as well as his first time meeting my family. Thankfully when we all sat down to chat and get to know each other, it flowed naturally and wasn't awkward.
 Then later that night we had a little date night and went ice skating. It was his first time going skating, so he started off real slow and rocky, but eventually he got the hang of it. I loved just holding his hand and skating round and round in circles. My favorite part though was when the Zamboni came out. Everyone was told to get off the ice, so we stood by ourselves in a corner. My boyfriend put his arm around me and we watched in silence as the Zamboni did it's thing. It was at the moment that I realized how lucky I am to have him in my life. I love that we can have little moments of silence and just take life in. And then he gave me a little twirl which was honestly the cutest thing!
The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent doing relaxing things. As a family we went out a bought a Christmas tree, took some pictures for our Christmas card, and even played a competitive game of monopoly. I honestly did not want it to end. But Sunday morning came around and my boyfriend and I had to drive back to college. I honestly was dreading it because that meant it was to reality and homework! However, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the ride back. I have never sang for my boyfriend (or anyone for that matter....because I'm not very good), but he kept on insisting for me to just let loose and do it. So while the sun was setting and my head was resting on his shoulder, I finally just decided to sing a few lines of a song. It was the perfect way to end our drive (along with all the cute compliments he gave throughout the drive)

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