Body Confidence.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

As women, we're always comparing ourselves to other females and wishing we had their body, their eyes, their hair, their... EVERYTHING. We're never satisfied with ANYTHING. There's always something that we wish we could change about our lives. Don't deny it; it's true! For me, that one thing would be my body. Shocker right!? Most women are not satisfied  with the shape of their body. They find the need to make their new year's resolution to lose weight. They attempt to workout and eat healthy all to obtain a lower number on the scale. Me on the other hand, I'm trying to do the opposite. I would give anything to have more meat on my bones, more fat in my butt, and more curves to my hips, and more bounce to boobs. I've touched on this subject a little in my post from November titled, Beauty. It's hard too feel confident when you feel like you're stuck in a little kids body. I feel the need to put on layers of makeup and style my hair EVERYDAY just so I look a little closer to my real age.

At holiday events, family members will make comments that I didn't eat enough. I guess a hamburger, a side of fries, and some fruit is not enough. However, I think I know my own body to know when it's full. So how could they possible know? They're just judging me based on my current weight. I'm sorry I wasn't built to look like a mature women. There's nothing that I can do about it, except be confident in my own skin. At times that can be tough, but I have a few tricks that help.

First, a padded pushup bra does wonders. I'm not the type to go for a lightly lined bra, just because I find it's not the most flattering on me. So, I shop for ones that push up my girls and give me great cleavage. I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes and how much more confident and sexy I feel. And it doesn't hurt to have bras that are super sexy especially with mesh or embellished lace,  If you're in the market for some sexy little numbers, Adore Me has amazing bras and lingerie's that you'll find too cute and sexy to pass up. Like I said, cute undergarments never hurt! No one wants to be wearing the same ratty looking bra or'll just feel blah!

Second, find out what clothes flatter you. Get rid of all the clothes that you don't feel confident in. For me, more form fitting clothes flatter me more than super loose ones; they just make me look like I'm wearing a garbage bag. So you won't find me wearing a graphic t-shirt or sweatshirt  too often. Instead I like to go for tops that show a little bit of cleavage, but nothing too over the top for the daytime. It's all about proportions ladies! And as far as my butt does, I find that flared jeans are unbelievably flattering. I love ones that are tight around my butt and thighs but then slightly flare out at the bottom. I find they make me look taller, make my butt nice and perky, and frankly don't accentuate my skinniness as much as skinny jeans! And just a little tip, buy jeans that have back pockets that are located higher up rather than lower; it'll make your butt appear nice and're welcome!

Another thing that I love to do is wear high heels. Honestly, who doesn't feel like a sexy model wearing heels. It elongates your legs and make your butt extra attractive.

Lastly, I always remind myself that my boyfriend accepts me for who I am. He doesn't care that I don't have the body of a swimsuit calendar model. He still finds me attractive! Now I'm not saying that you have to be in a relationship to feel confident, because you don't. What I'm trying to say is, your loved ones and ones that truly care about you, don't care about your looks. So EMBRACE who you are! Strut your stuff and stop worrying about what other people think.

And to gain more percpectives on this topic of sexiness, check out what Loey Lane has to say.

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  1. Lovely post! Love everything about it. Very inspiring words!
    Thanks for sharing xoxo

    ~ Nicole

  2. This was so lovely to read!! As I got older, I just learnt to accept my body. We all need to flaunt what we have! Great advice. :)
    Yours Truly, NY | INSTAGRAM

    1. Thank you! It definitely is hard to accept your body, but once you do, it's life changing!

  3. We definitely have a hard time embracing the beauty in ourselves. I love seeing the positivity out there on the web when it comes to loving ourselves. I'm learning to do it more often :) xx

  4. Lovely post, I deffo have insecurities and I think we have to embrace them or you'll just be unhappy! Thanks for sharing xxx


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