Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring break : every student's favorite two words. In movies you always see these exciting college trips to Miami or some place to tropical to celebrate the week off from school. Mine on the other hand was far from that excitement. Mine consisted of me working on a school project; hence the fancy photo above. I was in need of photos for a swatch book I'm working on. It was actually pretty fun to devote a couple of days to photography; it definitely left me feeling inspired.....which is an awesome feeling!
This glam shoot was actually quite the adventure. That day it was beyond windy, which made it super chilly. So if you see goose bumps on my arms, that's why. I wore a light trench coat thinking that would be enough to keep me warm enough in between the shoot, I'm sure you can guess it was not. While I was having these shots taken, my jacket starting blowing away, forcing me to run and chase it. I'm sure all the cars that were driving by had a good laugh.
Both my hair and the tulip bouquet started flopping! I was practically leaving a trail a flowers because they kept falling out from the bouquet....opps, not my fault!
Though it was not the perfect photographing conditions, I still had a blast! The rest of my week consisted of me photographing a mock wedding invite, a mock picnic, and some summer essentials. And to end my week off, I worked one day. It practically felt like it was my first day all over again; I didn't know where any of the products were at in the store.
Believe it or not, it's good to be back in school. I missed all of my friends, especially my boyfriend. I'm trying not to think about how short time I have left with them. That day where I have to leave them for a whole 3-4 months is going to put me to tears. So I'm trying to just focus on every last day I have with them and make the best of it. And who knows, maybe next year I'll have that epic spring break vacation that every college student dreams of.

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