Monday, April 25, 2016


I have really been into the bohemian look. I think it's so effortless but best of all comfortable. This is my take on the bohemian trend. I can't pull off the whole flower crown, loose shorts, chains of necklaces, and round sunglasses. So instead  I paired a lace kimono with a little black dress. To keep it simple and casual, added a pair of black strappy sandals.  I like that this is  more chic and classy than the typical bohemian outfit.
And can we talk about how fast this month has gone by. It's already almost May!! How!?!? Wasn't it just April fools day?
Just a week and half more and then I'll be saying goodbye to all my beloved college friends for the summer. How depressing :( I just keep thinking about how these goodbyes are going to be harder than last year. But I keep reminding myself not to think about that because then all I want to do is cry. So I'm trying to put all my energy and effort into finishing off this semester strong to distract myself from the reality.

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  1. Really beautiful outfits & photographs ♥

    Wanna follow each other? ☺ Let me know! ♥

    XOXO| Monica from blog ♥

  2. Gorgeous look and the shots are great!
    Really love them!



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