How To Have A Successful Relationship In College

Friday, June 03, 2016

Some may think that all college boys just want a f*ck partner, but that stereotype is all wrong! Sure that might be the case if you're picking up an intoxicated guy at the bar or at a keg. But I can honestly tell you that I met the sweetest boy in college. So just be patient; there are decent guys in college.

I will say though, that dating in college is a lot different than in high school. You're no longer just going out to dinner or the movies on weekends. It's a whole different atmosphere of love and at times it has been challenging for me.

So today I thought I would share with you some tips that have helped me this year with having a relationship in college.

1. MAKE A LUNCH SCHEDULE: as stupid and childish as it sounds, planning to have lunch together in the dining hall is an excellent idea. My boyfriend and I started having lunch together every Tuesday and Thursday second semester. Those were my long days of classes, so the fact that I knew I would see him (even if it was for a half hour) got me through my classes.

2. MAKE ACTUAL DATE NIGHT PLANS: It may seem like common sense, but having a break from hanging out in the dorm rooms, even if it's just once a month, makes a huge difference. It's nice to have some alone time, instead of just chilling with all of your friends. And what makes it ten times more fun, is when you both dress up in fancy-ish clothes.

3. SURPRISE EACH OTHER WITH LITTLE GIFTS:  It always put a smile on my boyfriend's face when I randomly showed up with some freshly made cookies or his favorite candy bar. It's the little things in life that put mean the most.

4. ENJOY NATURE TOGETHER  I'm not the type of person to go camping and fishing, but I love going on nature walks with my boyfriend. It sets a romantic mood, and best of all, it's FREE

5. SNAPCHAT: I actually prefer this over texting because you get to see your lover's face lol. I feel like I'm actually there with him. This is perfect when you're not able to see each other because you're both swamped with homework or you're doing long distance in the summer.

6. CUTE LITTLE TEXTS: even though I just gone with saying i prefer snapchat I still like to send my boyfriend cute little texts. Every once in  a while I'll send him good morning text, wishing him a good day.

 7. MANAGE YOUR TIME BETWEEN OTHER FRIENDS: as much as you want to spend ALL of you time with your boyfriend, it's important to spend time with your other friends. Also, let your boyfriend hang out with his friends by himself. This is something that I wasn't so great at this past year. I've been guilty of canceling plans just to hang out with him....Definitely need to improve on  this next semester.

8. YOU WONT ALWAYS HANG OUT TOGETHER: I think this is the most important to know. With all the stress and homework that comes with college, you have to realize there will be nights, maybe even a week where you won't be able to hang out together. Sure it sucks, but you have to realize that that's reality. There were times when I was really sad and lonely. that my boyfriend and I didn't hang out for days. But you have to be okay with being apart from each other and not get angry or frustrated. This is especially true if you live long distance in the summer.

What are your tips for relationships?

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  1. These are such great tips! Especially in a generation where social media pretty much defines your relationship. You hit every tip right on the money. My favorite is actually making date night plans. My boyfriend and I usually just stay in for our date nights and it does get a little repetitive. So planning out dates actually spices up our relationship. And yet again, I am in love with another one of your posts. Happy Weekend babe ♥

    1. Thanks Yesi! Your comments always make my day :) And honestly, a planned trip, to let's say ice skating, really does add excitement. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! Thanks for being a fellow view

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing :-)


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