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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Being 5'2, it's hard to find a dress that fits right. I'm very particular with the length of a dress. It always seems to be too long. Since, I am on the short and petite side, I like to have a particular length from the hem of my dress and the tops of my knees. I find if it's not the right proportion, I'm look like I'm swimming in the dress. And that's not cute. This dress however is from eShakti and I was able to customize the length. Eshakti offers custom orders on a select number of styles of dresses, skirts, and other clothing items. You are able to adjust the hem to three different lengths. You are also asked to give your height, to ensure that it is the proper length. In addition, you have the option to  adjust the sleeves and the neckline. This particular dress, I was able to choose  between having thick straps, spaghetti straps, tie straps, or a halter. I opted for the tie straps. However, I actually ended up just tying it into a halter and tucking it in the other two straps (I hope you are able to follow what I'm saying). I found that it was more flattering for my body shape. 

You can't tell in these photos, but this dress has big buttons running all the way down. I absolutely LOVE that detail. It gives the dress more of a vintage, fun look. I actually unbuttoned the first one, too show a little bit of cleavage and give the dress a sexy look. However, you're not able to tell, since the wind was blowing my dress EVERY sorry if the neckline looks a little weird in these pictures. And not to mention the craziness it was doing to my hair. Another detail that I can't get over is the fact that it has pockets! This makes any skirt or dress more loveable!

And can we talk about this print! I'm a huge fan of this banana leaf print. I own nothing like it; so I'm happy to add this dress to my wardrobe! This might be my new go-to summer dress! There's also some similar ones form eShakti that I absolutely adore like this sailor looking one, and this plaid one.

Best of all, I have a coupon code for you, if you're intersted in making a purchase from eShakti. Use the code "katekoutures" at checkout and you'll receive 10% off.

What's your summer go-to look?
Also feel free to check out eShakti's social media

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  1. I agree with the sizes. I mean, they can't lump all people together, right? Green looks good on you, Kate!

    - Seyra x

  2. Such a stunning dress! Looks amazing on you Kate!!

  3. what an awesome dress!
    the length fits your petite frame perfectly and the perfect is awesome for summer.


    A.Viza Style


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