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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's been a hot minute since I've done a decor post. Let me just say that I've never been much into interior design, that is until I've seen pictures on Pinterest that I've fallen in love with. I tend to go for the more classy, elegant look. Think of Kate Spade, but in decor form...if that makes sense.

I never thought I would say this, but I think dinning rooms look incredibly cute and put together with mixing and matching chairs. It gives off a more creative feel. Some may cringe at the thought of this.They think it looks hodge-podge. However, it's all about how you style them though. (** I don't own these photos. They are courtesy of Pinterest)


First of all, I love that this decorator, mixed solids with a pattern. Both of the chairs have this cool toned grey to them, so they match well. If you were decorate with all patterned chairs, it might appear to busy, especially in a small room.  Chairish has this really cute black and white flowered parsons chair that would make a great statement if you wanted to create a similar look. And of course, how cute is this bench!? Instead of having all uniformed tall chairs, it adds nice dimension. If I was a guest, that's where I would chose to sit! It just looks so cozy! 


This has the same concept of mixing prints with solids. However, this decor mixes colors with neutrals. I love adding a pop of color. Adding a slight amount of color, prevents the room from looking like a box of crayons. I absolutely love the bright blue that these cameo chairs from Charish give off. It will certainly catch your eye! 

If you're more on the safe side and still would like to test out this mixing and matching of chairs, try mixing the style of chairs. Keep them all in the same color palette, just different shapes and sizes. Chairish has an enormous collection of vintage dining chairs to inspire some ideas! It's kind of similar to when brides mix and match the style of their bridesmaids' dresses. I think this method of decorating is my favorite. It's sleek and stylish at the same time. And it doesn't hurt to have a nice pop of color from  fresh flowers!

How would you decorate your dinning room? 

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  1. Love these dining rooms! I'm especially a fan of the neutral + pop of color. If I had things my way, there would be bright pink flowers in every room!
    Danika | What Danika Does

    1. Yes!!! Bright pink flowers will brighten anyone's day!


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