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Thursday, September 01, 2016

I swear, every year the seasons go by faster and faster. How is it already almost falltime? I swear I was just finishing my finals and now I'm heading back to school. If you're like me, you'll want to wear your summer clothes as long as possible. So today I'm here to give you some tips on how to transition your summer clothes to the cooler weather. Both of these outfits can be worn on a day just running errands or even  a day in the office. 

Blazer: May Kool Dress: Choies Booties: Kohls |  Watch: Daniel Wellington |  Purse: Yoins |  Necklace: Aeropostale |  Perfume: Carven |  Lipstick: Mac Coral Bliss 

The main focus on this outfit is the sundress. You may not think that this palm printed dress is appropriate for the fall time. However, by throwing on a blazer, you've added some instant warmth, and why not wear one that's a bright color!? Plus, who wouldn't want to spend the entire day in a dress that you can move comfortably in. I'ts not a tight dress that will leave you feel restricted. 
Then add some booties to keep your feet warm and to add that fall touch. Plus they're super comfortable unlike most stilettos. Finish the look off with a simple statement necklace and a classic watch. You can even still rock that purse you wore practically everyday in the summer! 

Pullover: Lands' End Gingham Shirt: Banana Repulic Khaki's: Dockers Sneakers: Globe | Sunglasses: Rayban | Watch: Daniel Wellington Belt: Gilt | Cologne: John Varvatos

For men, it's a little bit more difficult. I find that men's clothing is more limited by choices for layers. It's still doable though. Take your favorite button down from the summer whether it's a gingham shirt or a Hawaiian one, and pair it underneath a  V-neck pull over. It's easy to take on and off if you're ever cold. Plus I think it's super cute having the color/pattern of the shirt's collar peeking out. To keep it simple, throw on some khakis...they pretty much go with everything. And for that added comfort, slide your feet into some canvas sneakers. Don't forget a belt and watch to accessorize! 

If you live in the city, that commute can be pretty long, sweaty, and uncomfortable, so you're going to need a pair of underwear that feels like there's nothing there. One recommendation is a pair of underwear from Tommy John . I can't speak specifically about them, but I know the CEO designed them himself for comfort in mind. He wanted to feel at ease while commuting to work and found he needed a more comfortable undergarment. There's a wide variety of selection in regards to color and style. You can go the traditional grey/black route, or spice up your life with a pair of bright orange ones. 

 And because we don't want summer to end, pull out those summer shades, and let your imagine run wild that you're still on that summer va-cay! 

What are your tips for transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall? 

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  1. Those brown booties are so cute and great for fall. Men are so hard to dress. My boyfriend sticks to the same style no matter the season, khaki cargo shorts and a t-shirt or polo. I've got to start pushing him to buy some trendier outfits again, lol.

  2. I wish my boyfriend would wear something like this! He is way more concerned with practicality than fashion... it's the worst. These outfits are so cute and I love transitioning summer outfits to work for fall.

  3. Fall is here, ohh :(
    Wonderful pieces!
    Would you like to follow each other?


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