Lessons I've Learned This Summer

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

As cheesy as it sounds, this summer I honestly felt like I've grown up so much. I can't explain it. I just feel as if I've learned a lot of life lessons. So I wanted to share them with you guys.

1. I'm An Adult: Being that I'm a college student, I've  realize that I'm not a kid anymore. I knew that starting my freshman year. But it has set it now more than ever these past few months.  Working 40 hours a week this summer made me realize that this how I'll be spending my last summer until I graduate. How sad is that!? I'll never have those summers where I can just sit on the couch all day, binge on tv, and just mess around on my phone.

2. Do Things You're Passionate About: I was so stoked  to be offered an internship this summer. (If you're interested in reading about my internship experience, I'll link it) I soon realized though, that I wasn't passionate about their products. I always thought that any job will do. And yes, a job is important, but is it worth going to a job where you find it to be uneventful? So from here on out, I'm making it my goal to only work places that I'm passionate about and feel myself wanting to go to work.

3. The Hard Work Of Blogging: My internship only lasted until the end of July, so in August I was really able to focus on my blog. I focused not only on new content for my blog, but also was able to comment on others' blogs. I discovered new blogs that I find myself being regular viewers to. Each morning I would get all caught up on  bloglovin, instagram, and twitter. And throughout the day I found the NEED to continue that routine. So I give props to all of you daily bloggers, to do this each day.

4. Long Distance Relationships Are Hard: I knew this would be difficult, but I didn't imagine feeling as much sadness as I did when I said goodbye to my bf. It did get easier though after each goodbye, but that first one was heartbreaking! I will say though, snapchat was a lifesaver!

5. True Friends: Again, as cheesy as it sounds, I discovered who my true friends really are. They're the ones will take the iniative to ask how am doing, what I'm up to, and randomly tell me about their lives. And they know who they are :)

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  1. You did grow up this summer. I'm so happy for you. I believe it did some growing up too, but not as much as you. I learned how to be more independent and confident (: I hope your summer was wonderful <3

    1. That's amazing you've become more independent and confident! Soooo happy for you! Thanks for reading


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