Game Day Outfit

Thursday, October 06, 2016

 To be honest, I've been LOVING baseball caps recently, specifically Nike ones. To me, they just look so cute even with a blouse, jeans, and sneakers.....ugh, it's just perfect! My favorite are black and white me a basic b*tch. And if you knew me back in high school. you would be shocked to see that girl that ALWAYS wore a skirt and curled her hair, rocking baseball tees and athletic clothes. For some reason, I also associated baseball hats and sneakers as just a middle aged mom thing...don't ask why. But now I'm obsessed! Plus, they're awesome to throw on if you're having a bad hair day or did not have time to wash your hair.

And what better event to sport this athletic apparel than at a ball game? Two weekends ago, I went with my boyfriend to the Brewers game. We sat in the 13th row so I could actually make out players faces instead of them looking like ants when sitting on the upper deck. Even though the Brewers did not play the best, it was still a fun atmosphere. I do not however recommend their burgers; they're worse than cafeteria food. Though, their cheese fries were superb. They have the perfect amount of kick to them. What's your favorite food to order at sporting events?

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  1. Awesome post dear! Nice outfit !

  2. I love this outfit and I agree baseball caps are perfect for a bad hair day!
    Julia x

  3. Perfect for game day! I love what you choose. Gemma x

  4. I am also obsessed with baseball caps for some reason and I LOLd at your basic bitch reference ;) While I can't agree with the shirt choice (GO CUBS GO!) I love everything else...

    Maria // EducationChic

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    1. your comment made my day! That's funny because I'm actually a cubs fan as well. Can't wait to see them win the world's series!


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