5 Must Haves For Your Thanksgiving Wardrobe

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

If I had to pick a favorite occasion to dress up, it would be a close tie between weddings and holidays. These are the times to break out your classiest attire. There's no limit on sequin, lace, or glitter. Go big or go home, but most importantly stay classy.  And since the holidays are right around the corner, I've got some cute picks for, specifically for Thanksgiving. These are perfect for the family gatherings around the decorated table with place mats, wine glasses, and carved turkeys.

If you're wanting to break out the fall, holiday spirit, this skirt is perfect! It reminds me of those feather headbands you made in 1st grade to wear during your Thanksgiving school play.....ahhh the memories! 

You'll certainly be the talk in this hot number. This is not only perfect for Thanksgiving but also Christmas. It's classic with the lace, sexy with the red, and flirty with the ruffle. It's a definite must have on my list. Check out these formal dresses for even more holiday fun! 

               Nothing says classy like a peterpan collar. I love the subtle sheerness and lace of              this blouse. Defintely a Blair Waldorf must-have. 

If you're looking for more warmth, this light blue sweater is perfect for you. Again, it's a Blair Waldorf worthy piece of apparel. The ruffle collar adds a cute touch. It's reminds me of those lacy socks I wore as a kid.....remember when those were the sh*t. 

I couldn't resist this off the shoulder top! I'm all for anything with a bow. Plus the stripes make it even cuter. (Can you count how many times I say cute!?). Add some black jeans or even some khaki corduroys and you're good to go! 

All of these items are from Stylewe. If you're looking for the perfect holiday look, this is your one stop shop. For more holiday outfit ideas, be sure to check out their twitter and instagram .

Let me know which clothing piece is your favorite and what you're going to be wearing for the holidays!

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  1. I've been thinking about doing a post like this as well! I like the off-the-shoulder top best, maybe paired with black distressed jeans and midi boots :)


    1. Couldn't agree more that that would be the perfect styling!

  2. Such great picks for Thanksgiving! Loving all of the holiday attire lately :)

    Brittany :)

  3. love this post
    keep it up



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