Candy Cane Plaid

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy cyber Monday!!!! I've participated in this "holiday" the past two years, but this year I think I'e done enough damage on Black Friday. It's dangerous going shopping with just your debit card. Note to self, next year bring cash only! What are you planning on purchasing this Cyber Monday? Maybe some gifts for the holidays!? Speaking of which, this dress is the perfect Holiday dress. I'm obsessed with his plaid print; in a way it reminds of a candy cane.....not in a bad day.

There's just something so classic about a red and white dress. The length of these sleeves are just perfect. When I was ordering this dress on Eshakti, I thought about adjusting the style to be sleeveless, but I figured a little bit of a sleeve would be warmer than none. If you didn't know, Eshakti allows you to make these minor adjustments to make the garment your own. Plus, you're able to put in your height, so the dress is practically made for your body,

The dress fit a little loose in the chest, but that also could be the fact that I'm really small chested and petite. However, it could also be because I didn't iron it when I received it.....don't judge me! 
Also, don't judge my choice of footwear. I planned on wearing a pair of stiletto booties, but I was too lazy to change the booties at the location. Do you have a holiday dress in mind? 

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