Holiday Glam Accessories: Zaful

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We're just 2 days away from December......ummm what!? Where does time go to? I have to say December is probably my favorite month. That's when the snow starts to fall, but it's not deadly cold. The tree is my house is up and all decorated. Ahhh I just love waking up to festive Christmas tree. I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate out of a cute mug. I'm able to watch Home Alone over and over without feeling guilty. All the stores have festive decorations. And the obvious one, Christmas is almost here. That's right....Christmas is almost here! So that means you better have your perfect holiday outfit, and with that, you better have your perfect glam accessories. This necklace  goes perfectly with everything. It's go the mixture of silver and gold, so you'll be sure to match your holiday outfit. The photo honestly doesn't do it justice. It's my new favorite statement piece.
The necklace comes with matching earrings, so no need to go out and find a pair to match. They add such a pop, especially with your hair up! Best of all, this set is less than $4...., yes you heard me right. You can always find affordable holiday pieces at Zaful. Feel free to check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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