LBDs with some Spice

Friday, November 11, 2016

Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons. I mean what's more classy than Breakfast At Tiffany's. To be honest, I made my boyfriend watch that movie on Netflix, and we couldn't get into the movie, so we ended up turning it off. Guess it's different than what I remember it being 10 years ago. Anyways, I admire lbd so much. And while I think it's important to have a simple one that can be worn to either a business meeting or a brunch date, I think it's also important to have one with a little bit of spice. One that can be worn to a sexy night out or a fancy wedding. So these are my picks for you.

What's sexier than a lace lbd with a plunging neckline!? I adore all the beading. The mesh adds an alluring factor! 

This body-con dress is also on the sexy side. Imagine wearing this cocktail dress out on a nice dinner date with your man! You'll be sure to wow him! 

I absolutely adore dresses with sash ribbons. They define your waist nicely, and add a nice touch. In a way I feel like a present lol.....but in a good way. This flirty dress  is more on the conservative side, so it's perfect for any family gatherings you may have to attend. 

If you want to be daring, this two piece set is perfect to catch anyone's attention. The alluring lace by the thighs adds a sexy touch, while the lace on the shirt's hem ties everything together. Since this is a more scandalous outfit with your mid-drift exposed and a tight skirt,  I like that the top has a higher neckline. It adds a nice proportion. 

What's your go to lbd? 

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  1. I love little black dresses! I have one that is a mid shift dress style with textured polka dots. I'm obsessed with it and I wish I had more opportunities to wear it! Love this post, Kate!

  2. Stunning black dresses. I definitely need one.

  3. how cute are these?! the LBD is definitely a closet staple!

  4. Wonderful and perfect! I follow you blog, please follow me too.


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