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Friday, November 18, 2016

Well ladies, Thanksgiving is less than a week away! I am beyond excited to get out of my college town, and sleep in my own bed for the holiday week! I would say I am finally ready for the holidays. Before, I was all about the pretty orange leaves, brown booties, and flannels. Now I'm ready for all the glitz, glamour, bows, and sequins. You better believe I'll be blasting Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. Speaking of Christmas, Holiday dresses are by far my favorite fashion piece of all time. I remember as a little girl always adoring the children's dresses :so much gold plaid, big bows and rich velvet.....ahhhh it was heavenly! Anyways now I think red dresses are just as heavenly. There's nothing sexier or more festive than that. So I've included some of my favorites below. 

If you have a fancy holiday gala to attend, then lucky you. I'm jealous that you are going to get all red-carpet In seriousness though, this would be you golden dress. It's lace, one shoulder, has a slit and is fire engine red. How show stopping is that!?

Everyone loves illusion backs and sleeves. They add a sex appeal without being tactful. You'll be looking like a Christmas Princess in this! Plus this satin dress will be super rich and luxurious!

To me, there's nothing sexier than showing off your back. Which is why i love this cutout dress.  Plus, what's more fun and flirty than this volumious skirt!

Speaking of showing off your back, this open back dress has sexy written all over it. Hello, va, va voom! Strap on some stilehttos, put your hair up, and you're holiday ready! 

What will you be wearing for the holidays? 

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  2. Wonderful dresses! Very beautiful!
    Have a nice new week!
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