Winter Sight Seeing

Thursday, December 08, 2016

I finally got all my Christmas shopping done! It feels so great so have it all done. Now, all I need to do is wrap them, and by wrap I mean by bags from the dollar store.  I wish I could be that person who has that chic metallic gold wrapping paper and a big red to top it off. But in all reality, I suck at wrapping. If you just ignore the corners, my wrapping looks pretty good. This past weekend my boyfriend and I practically had a "Christmas Weekend". We first started off taking these photos. I swear the weather is getting worse and worse for blog photos. I'm surprised my boyfriend is still willing to take photos for me in this bitter cold. I constantly have to remind myself so not clench my fists in photos. Then we went to the mall to finish our Christmas shopping. I only had one person to shop for, where as my boyfriend had a couple of people. I think it's so cute seeing what "girly" things he picks out. I love seeing his taste in fashion and accessories.
It was then the evening, so we dined at a pizza restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. A noisy. casual place was what I was expecting. Instead, it was dark with the exception of candle lit. A decorated and lit Christmas tree was in the center of the room while red stockings hung from the ceilings Waiters dressed in all black served us. Everything about the place screamed classy. I'm tell you, it was the PERFECT! And when I went to the restroom, I noticed there were cute little private rooms if you were having a dinner of two! Ahh! I died inside when I saw them.

We then went on a cute date to see rodeo Christmas lights. Even though we went last year, I was equally excited to see them again this year! The lights surrounded us as we walked through the park. It truly is magical a place to be! To end the night, we went to the top of a bluff. My boyfriend put his arm around me while we looked at the city above us. We even looked through those telescopes to see if we could see the rodeo lights from our location. To our surprise, we could make out some of the objects from the telescope. For some reason, that made me incredibly happy! I'm tell you, I was grinning like a little kid. It was the perfect way to end our night! And the next day, we woke up to snow covering the ground! How magical?!

This was the perfect outfit to wear for our holiday festivities. This sweater was not too heavy, where I felt I was getting hot in the mall, but it also helped keep me warm under my coat while we looked at Christmas lights. I LOVE that it's cropped! I find that some sweaters are over powering on me since I am petite. Sometimes it looks like I'm wearing a paper bag... no joke. But this one hits me at the perfect length. Plus since it's more on the slouchy side, it's incredibly comfortable! I had lots of room pizza!

I paired the sweater with a bralette. I me basic! But I think the lace detail from the halter, adds a little something extra. Since I have a small neck and shoulders, it adds a little extra "bulk". I'm new to the whole bralette trend, but I'm glad I hopped on board. 

Another band wagon I hopped on, was the black high waisted jeans. I've been meaning to find a pair of black jeans for a while, but I never found one that I loved. When I was shopping a month ago, I almost bought a pair, but changed my mind. My boyfriend said, "Wow! Looks like I won't be buying you any for Christmas because you're quite particular." And he's right! I've been looking for a rich, black pair. I don't want them to be faded, or dark, dark grey....I want them BLACK! Almost similar to a dress pant, but in a skinny jean version. AND I FOUND THEM!!! I accidentally got them in a high waisted version, but I'm glad that's what I bought. It's the right proportion with this cropped sweater. Plus it makes your butt look good:)

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  1. Love this post! Soooo cute! Xx


  2. Cute sweater. I still need to buy something for my brother!


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