2017: A Reflection

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy New Year!.... Let's pretend I'm not almost two week late. Like I said in my last post, I've just been super busy these past few weeks. (I'm sure you haven't heard that excuse before). None of the less, I love making more personal posts, so I still wanted to post this New Years post. Where to begin though.....
I feel like a lot of people have been complaining about 2016, saying it was a horrible year. I on the other hand had an amazing year; I wouldn't change anything about it. I was blessed to have an internship with BBB this summer.  The company treated me so well and it was great to just have a jump start on my career.

Another blessing of 2016 was the growth of my blog. I've had the opportunity to work with many brands. I also made an effort to be consistent and engage in other blogs. I can't thank you guys enough for all the sweet comments you leave. I would definitely say I stepped up the photography game. I purchased a new lens close to the beginning of the year, so I would say that played a huge role. But ultimately, I owe a lot of it to my boyfriend. I finally told him about my blog, I was so scared and I'm not sure why. He was so fascinated by the idea of it. As of the fall, he's taken on the role of being my photographer. He's taken it more seriously than I thought. He's always thinking of fun locations. And I have to give him a HUGE thanks for putting countless miles on his car and standing in freezing weather just for some silly pictures. He truly is a trooper and I appreciate him so much. It defintely makes a difference from taking pictures in my backyard with my tripod. Also, you may have noticed that I FINALLY bought my own domain....took me long enough, right!? And I've finally found a layout that I love....at least for now!

Ultimately, I think what made this year so great was the growth I've had with my boyfriend. We've deepened our relationship so incredibly much, and for that I truly am grateful. Long distance during breaks has been hard, but its just made the time we do spend together so much more special. Plus, we've had magical times at multiples weddings this year.

So overall as you can see, I've had one heck of a year! I truly am blessed. Which is why I can't imagine asking for anything else in 2017. Sure an internship would be nice and incredibly helpful both career-wise and financially, but I guess it's not necessary. This year I'm hoping and praying that everyone in my family who is suffering whether it be financially or physically, is brought to peace. Finally, I want my friends and family to find the kind of love that I've experienced. There's one person that I have in mind who truly deserves it.

And now onto the most dreaded word, the resolutions..............
I was mediocre with my resolutions last year. I made the memory jar and did take more pictures, but I don't feel as if I changed that much. So this year, I'm doing things a little bit differently. I'm going to have monthly resolutions. Each month I'm going to have a specific goal/resolution that I want to achieve. Then at the end of the month I'll reflect how things went. 

So for this month, I want to focus on exercise. I know, I know, the most typical resolution! I'm not trying to lose weight though. I want to focus on building strength in my arms. They're extremely tiny and somewhat twig like. So since I don't have exercise equipment, I'm going to be using this exercise list.  I'm going to start off with a small number of reps. and then gradually increase them. Who knows, this might work or it might be a fail. 

Cheers to a new year! 

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  1. Happy New Year! Congratulations on deepening your relationship with your boyfriend!


  2. Happy New Year, girlie! It sounds like 2016 was an amazing year of growth for you all around and I hope this year is even better, with much success in all you do! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



  3. Great Post! I love the idea of monthly resolutions! I feel like it will keep things on track much more because you re evaluate monthly!

    Xx Brandi


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