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Monday, January 30, 2017

My birthday was last week. Not just any birthday: the big 21. Yep, that's right....I can now legally purchase as much alcohol as I desire. I'm sure all of you are thinking that I went wild. And you're right. I took about 10 shots, danced on the bar, and stripped down to just a few garments. And in the morning I woke up with a pounding head and my head in the toilet. Okay....I may be fibbing a little. Let's be real, I was fibbing a lot. In fact I probably had the most conservative and tasteful 21st party. I know what you're thinking....You only turn 21 once....go big or go home! But to be honest, I've never been the kind of person to just want to go wild. I've been a 1-3 drink kind of person, and I'm not talking about that hard sh*t. That's right, I'm your typical girly-girl who wants to be drinking the sweetest thing out there. Sure, it may taste like kool-aid, but I don't care.

So for my birthday, my boyfriend was kind enough to make me steak and his ever so favorite cheesy potatoes. We invited some mutual friends to join us for a splurging college meal. The potatoes flavor was a little off, but I'm just glad he went to all that trouble of taking pictures of his mom recipe and making me a meal. He truly is the cutest! It's not a birthday without some cake, right!? So of course he bought me some mini cookies and cream cupcakes. And our friends insisted on singing Happy Birthday with their only candle being a mason jar candle. To be honest, I HATE when people sing happy birthday to me because I find it incredibly awkward. And my only alcoholic drink was a Kinky cocktail. Yep you heard me right just one alcoholic beverage! We ended the night by playing some poker. I ended up coming in 2nd but the winner was nice enough to give me the $5 winnings because it was my birthday. How sweet! And I was so touched by what my boyfriend got me as a present. We're not one to splurge on hundred and hundreds of dollars on presents. Instead we get it each other something reasonable. And I was so happy that he put in so much effort into my gift and really listening to what I need.

As you know, I've been obsessed with the whole lace up trend, so of course I had to get a staple white tshirt. You can't tell very much in these pictures, but the tshirt is actually ribbed. The shirt fit a bit odd in the shoulders but once I washed it, it fit fine. I believe the fit was a bit off because I normally order an xs in shirts since I am quite petite. This time I ordered a Small though. Like I said, if it's a bit big, you can shrink it in hot water. Best of all, you can wear a regular bra with this plunging shirt. That's honestly my pet-peve with some shirts; you can't wear your go-to bra that fits like a memory foam mattress. Instead you have to wear an uncomfortable one. That's not a problem with this tshirt though

I normally go for black colored booties, but I decided to branch out and try this auburn pair. There's a nice contrast with the jeans and the booties. Looking back I wouldn't wear them with the burgundy colored coat. Either way, they're a nice change of pace. If the orangy-red shade is too out there for you, they come in black as well.

Both of these featured items are from Gamiss. For updates when Gamiss is having sales and clearance events, feel free to check out their  Facebook.

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  1. I love these jeans and the scenery is stunning!!!! Happy Monday Babe!
    Xx Brandi

  2. Happy belated birthday! This outfit is so cute for winter walks!

    xx www.qustomuinns.com/blog


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