Memories of 2016

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

One of my New Year's goals of 2016 was to start a memory jar just writing little things that happened throughout my day. It was supposed to help me live in the moment and appreciate the little things in life. I was definitely more successful at this task early in the year. None the less though I'm excited to remember all of these fun memories especially all the ones from months ago. And I definitely plan on doing this or 2017. Sorry if this post is all over the place!

January 1: Feeling embarrased....cut my wrist at work 
     I dropped a candle at work and glass filled the ground. I was super embarrassed but was even 
    more embarrased when I saw blood covering my thigh.  I then realized I cut my wrist open. It     didn't hurt one bit. Everyone at work was freaking out though, especially my boss. I didn't think it was that bad until they said I needed stitches. And that's exactly what happened. I needed 5 stitches. It was a great way to start the new year. I still have the scar from the cut and the stitches mark. (Plus I blew the companies safety record...opps) 

January 1: Feeling blessed after receiving a text from the bf........Happy New Years to you too babe! Let's make it a good one! 
      ***(If you ask me it was a good one!)
January 2: Wanting to go back to school to see the bf and so I won't have to go to work anymore 
January 7: Couldn't get over how cute a squirrel was when it pounded on my deck's glass door
January 8: Feeling excited to relax and have a lazy day weekend and a break from work
January 8: Super touched by Adaleta's comment: 
  Oooh I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. It's really neat getting to know you in just a few minutes from your 2015. Looks like you had a good year. 
January 9: Looking outside seeing the snowfall
January 9: Feeling excited to purchase my first lottery ticket
January 10: Received a comment from one of my favorite bloggers: Blondie In the City 
January 17: Dropped my ancient blackberry in the toilet and finally upgraded to a smart phone
January 18: Played eye-spy with the bf and he said: "I spy with my little eye something hot...its you!
January 24: Loving having short hair; feeling fierce! 

January 25: The bf made me a sweet for my bday and took me out to AppleBees
January 25: Feeling touched receiving a text from an old friend
January 29: The bf told me I truly am beautiful! 
January 30: Started watching SLOAT on Netflix with the bf 
January 31: Lost my debit card 
January 31: Went to an ice cave!

February 2: Feeling unprepared for a textiles test 
February 2: Snow Day! 
February 6: Looked at a fabulous view from a bluff

February 6: My relationship with my boyfriend grew stronger 
February 6: First time snow tubing!!!
February 14: Valentines Brunch 

February 20: Feeling inspired after taking photos with the bf 
February 20: Hiked in heeled booties and took breathtaking photos with the bf on top of a bluff overlooking a river. 

February 20: Took a spontaneous trip to a casino 
February 20: Feeling discouraged after losing 2 dollars at the casino
February 22: Feeling sad after realizing how little time I have left with the bf this school year. 
February 28: My boyfriend snapped me a picture saying I'm Beautiful 

March 8: My boyfriend said he loves me. I have never been more excited than hearing that 
March 25: Had a fun photoshoot with the bf 
March 26: Going on the hunt for rainbow drinks with the bf
March 26: Cuddling with the bf in the morning :)
March 27: Fun Easter lunch with the Bf's family and received an Easter Basket from his mom. How sweet! 

March 27: Found out I received a 100% on an economics test! yay! I studied so hard! 
March 27: Feeling sad that I only have a month left with my bf before we part our ways for the summer. 
March 29: Spent some time playing basketball with the bf. I love seeing his goofy and competitive side. 

March 30: Received one of the longest, most heartfelt comments on my blog from Yesi: 
"Girl Those photos are not awkward. They are adorable! At least you got him to take pics. I have been trying to get my honey to take pictures with me and finding someone to take the pics for free is even harder. I actually really like them. The bridge is a beautiful backdrop. I also went to one of my boyfriend's relatives this weekend. Oh and who doesn't love gushers anymore!? That's just crazy! Happy Hump Day!  
April 6: Got a massive sunburn on my back, but at least I enjoyed the sunshine 
April 9: Went to see a scary movie with the bf. We held hands during it and it felt like our 1st date again :) 
April 10: Took tumblr photos with the bf by a lake 

April 15: The bf said he had a surprise for me. He made me a golf tee in his plastics sweet!
April 15: Went to the driving range with the bf and realized I still suck!
April 20: Shattered one of my urban decay eyeshadows......sad day! 
April 22: Woke up to 10 new followers on Twitter. I normally get 1 or 2 at a time :)
April 26: Late night fun with the bf; cribbage, tennis and basketball. He looked so sexy in his cutoff
April 26: The bf sent me the cutest snap: goodnight beautiful...he's the sweetest
April 27: Cramps are the worst!!!
May 5: Last day as a sophomore!!!
May 9: Felt like a boy after a BAD haircut!!!
May 13: My sister in-law was so sweet and gave me hair extensions
May 13: Saw an improvement in my golf skills!
May 13: The bf took a snap of him kissing my cheek 
May 14: Took the bf on his first roller coaster!
May 16: Started an internship 
May 23: The bf snapped me at 5am
May 24: Sent a text to the bf expressing my gratitude towards him. He responded: "I love you too babe. You're so sweet" 
May 28: A duck laid a nest in our yard
May 31: Snap from the bf: I just want to hold me in your arms right now 
June 3: a snap from the bf: How's my girl doing tonight? 
June 3: The bf remembered a sentimental day of the year 
June 3: Had an enjoyable customer at work. He even complimented me to my boss!!!
June 4: The bf was sweet and sent a text asking if I was feeling better 
June 4: The baby ducks hatched
June 17: Finally got to see my babe after a whole month of separation 
June 18: Finally was able to shoot pictures on train tracks 

June 18: The bf impressed me with learning how to dip me when dancing 
June 18: Attended a breathtaking wedding at golf course 
June 18: Sat on the rocks with the bf overlooking the water at night....How romantic 

July 10: My niece told me she wishes I was her sister....awww!
July 23: Went to the Kalahari with the bf. Felt like a kid at heart <3 
July 24: Finally able to hit the golf ball properly....huge improvement 
August 4: Made cupcakes with watermelon frosting....gross!!
August 5: Was featured on Louboutin and Loves Insta-story 
August 9: Excited to go back to the college lifestyle 
August 9: Frustrated with golf. I can't seem to hit it straight anymore 
August 9: received another sweet comment from Pardon Muah
August 13: Slow danced to "Wagon Wheel" with the bf  at my cousin's wedding

August 14: The bf found me a golf ball on the golf course!
August 21: Saw dolphins right in front of us! 

August 29: Packing up for my dorm....can't wait to be back 
September 4: Reunited with my babe at college 
September 10: Went horsebacking riding with the bf....what a bumpy ride 

September 11: Went to an apple orchard with the bf and his fam. 
September 16: Went on a surprise sunset hike....and yes I wore sandals 

September 17: Hiked by a beautiful waterfall

September 24: Received the sweetest one year anniversary text in the morning
September 24: Went to a fancy steak dinner with the bf for our anniversary
September 24: Got free grasshopper pie for sweet of the restaurant 
September 25: Went to the brewers last home game with the bf and his brother/gf. The seats were unbelievable!

October 15: Went on a 16 mile bike ride to take these legs were stiff trying to ride in jeans.

October 21: Went to a haunted was spectacular!
October 22: Won 5 dollars at a casino and took some cute photos 

October 31: Dressed up as Minnie and Mickey for Halloween 
November 3: Cubs win world series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 25: Successful Black Friday shopping!!!
December 11: The first gorgeous! 
December 16: Last day of class!!!
December 17: Baked with the bf!
December 18: Attended the bf's niece's dance recital 
December 18: Decorated a gingerbread house with the bf
December 20: Pictures from my memory card got deleted.....ahhhhh!!!!
December 21: Miraculously recovered the pictures thanks to some youtube videos 
December 24: Celebration with the grandparents and my niece...she's gotten so big
December 25: Relaxing holiday with the family 
December 25: Packing for vacation 
December 26: On the road
December 31: Spent the holiday in a hotel room 

And that's my year in a blink of an eye! Let me know if you made it this far and what were some of your memories. I'm curious to know.

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  1. Wow such a detailed recap. So cool. Have a lovely 2017!

    X Merel

    1. It took awhile, but I finally got it done! Hope you have a lovely 2017 as well doll!

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