Life's Not A Fairytale

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First off, I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! I must say that Easter and Mother's Day are my favorite holidays at least for fashion. Everyone looks so pretty wearing their sundresses and wedges. Some even rocked sunhats and maxis. It's just adorable! Second off, I want to apologize because I have a lot of scattered things to say. Sorry. What can I say, I have a lot on my mind.

Let's start off with most recent. I'm done with college for the summer, so expect to see a Junior Year Reflection sometime soon. I've had a few days to myself. And during those few days I've done some reflecting. I can't help but miss my boyfriend, but then I then I start to feel somewhat guilty. Maybe guilty isn't the right word....but I feel this sort of sympathy. I've felt this amazing love with my boyfriend that I want this certain someone to experience the same thing. This person hasn't experienced this amazing part of life, that I desperately want him/her to feel. There's just something so magical about having someone in your life instead of being alone.  I wonder when  it's going to happen for him/her.  Sometimes I wonder if I should intervene and help something develop. Who knows. All I know is that, I desperately want it to happen sooner or later. I mean life is short and we only get "uglier" with I right!? Ugh! I know I can't really do anything about it, but I desperately wish I could. I guess I'll just have to be patient. 

Anyways, now more about this post. My boyfriend and I went to this flower garden a couple of weeks ago. Let's just say, not all dates end up being a fairy-tale. Everything just seemed to go wrong. First off, we ended up going to the wrong garden. I know..... how many gardens can there be, right? Well the first one was a joke! I mean ridiculously tiny and barely any flowers. 

Miraculously, after traveling an extra 30 minutes, we made it to the correct garden. Let me tell you, it was crowded like no other. So many prom people were there all dressed up, taking pictures. If I wasn't so shy, I would have taken pictures of the back of their dresses because the corsets looked stunning next to the greenery. 
Since it was crowded, we had to park all the way in the grass. This is where the real disaster starts. The ground was muddy, so my boyfriend decided to move his car to a different spot. His wheels started turning, but his car remain parked. WE WERE STUCK! I thought to myself Oh Sh*t!!! 

He decided I should drive the car while he pushed it. I was a little nervous being I'm the world's worst driver. I knew it had to be done though. So here I am, sitting in the driver's seat, while mud is flying everywhere, praying that his car moves. It eventually moved but it took a tremendous amount of effort. I got out of the car, and every surrounding vehicle was brown, not even a little muddy, I mean completely destroyed. Sorry if you were one of those vehicles. Believe it or not though, other than our car, we were clean! 

Bottom line, was the trip to the flower garden worth it? No. There were too many people, practically dead flowers from the winter, our car got stuck, and the drive there and back was WAYYY too long. It does make a funny story though. 

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  1. Replies
    1. I would like to go back now considering there's probably a lot more flowers in bloom

  2. Omg poor you! Luckily you still managed to get some lovely photos and it's these moments that you laugh about later!


  3. It was a great adventure at the end. Sometimes is not how we expected but you had fun!

    xx, Melissa

  4. Bummer the day didn't go as planned but cest la vie. At least you got a blog post out of it, Haha <3

  5. Aw I'm sorry your day didn't go the way you wanted it to. I totally appreciate your honesty because so often we try to put forth a perfect image that isn't realistic or true for any of us. You're lucky you still got great pictures regardless of the story behind them!


    1. Glad you enjoyed my honesty. I could've very well just went out and told you guys that we had an amazing time at the Gardens. I figured you guys would all relate to this more though and laugh at our miserable time.

  6. Sorry to hear it didn't go as planned, but great photos!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  7. Good thing, you still managed to take some nice photos for the blog.

    Nina's Style Blog

  8. Oh my goodness! Well, at least your pictures turned out so pretty and I'm sure you guys can look back and laugh about this (one day! haha) :)


  9. What a beautiful post! Love this place ♥

  10. I love your peplum top Gorgeous and the place looks great. Nice post

    1. Thank you! My outfit is definitely an oldie but a goodie

  11. Very beautiful pictures and place. You look nice as always ;)

    Jovita from Black Vanilla

  12. I'm glad everything turned out! What a beautiful place to visit! Your photos are lovely!

    Doused In Pink


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