Lemon Squeezy

Monday, August 07, 2017

Ever since I started dating my boyfriend, I've loved including what fun things I've done over the weekends on posts. It's a great way to be more personal with y'all, but it always serves as a great memory purpose for myself. Just the other day, I realized I never shared with you what adventures my boyfriend and I did a couple of weeks ago.

If you keep up with my blog posts, you'll know that I met my boyfriend in college. We live in two different states, 97% of the summer, we spend apart. Which is why the 4-5 weekends we do spend together, is that more special. We had all of these plans of going to the zoo, watching a local race track, adventuring with a kayak, and all of these other fun summer activities (because let's face it, once's winter, there's nothing fun to do anymore lol). Unfortunatley, our plans got ruined when we learned the majority of the weekend was going to be rainy.
Luckily, we we were able to find some spare of the moment type things to do. The first one consisted of spending our Friday night at an arcade that had unlimited games and alcoholic drinks for only $20. Hello, adults acting like kids! To some, this might sound lame, but it was actually quite entertaining, and just something different than our normal date night. At the end of the night, we each traded in our points to "buy" each other some surprises. My boyfriend got me some mini airheads, a pack of starbursts, a cute mini squirt gun, and those mustache nerd glasses.
The next day, we planned on going golfing, however the course we intended on going to was flooded. Since I've been practicing all summer, I had my hopes on going. So, as you can imagine I was very disappointed. Luckily we found a par 3 course that was open though. And if you're wondering how my first official game of golf went, well let's just say at least I hit the ball. I had my moments where I felt like I digressed, but then there were moments where i thought, "wow, did I really hit that?". Pretty much every hole I got 6/7. My boyfriend kept reminding myself to have fun, but it was a little hard to be happy about something when you know you're not "the best" at something. I tried my best though to put on a smile for him though.
Afterwards, we planned on going to the restaurant we've passed by numerous times. However, we opted for our trusty restaurant: Famous Dave's. We really like their wings :) Of course we had to stop at a candy shop, because we seem to do that every summer. Our goodies consisted of rock candy (my boyfriend's favorite) and big league chew ( a childhood favorite of mine).

For our night adventure, we went went on a "haunted boat ride" at the Dells. Let me tell you, there were a lot of people and it was muggy. Not the best combination for a boat ride. Plus on top of that, I was starting to get a little sea sick. It's been ages since I've been on a boat, so I guess I wasn't expecting the water to effect me that much. It wasn't that bad, but you can imagine I was the first one out of my seat on that 20 minute boat ride to the canyons. And that's when the fun began! If you've been to a haunted forest or a haunted house , then that's what this basically was (only it took place in the canyons at the dells). The scenery was actually beautiful, so I highly recommend it. As far as the scariness factor, my boyfriend didn't scream once. Me on the other hand, screamed at EVERY single person...no joke. This never happens. I actually couldn't wait to get the h*ll out of there. Every time I scream, this older gentleman infront of me always said "well, they got her again". I thought it was pretty hilarious. And the haunted boat ride was the perfect end to our weekend adventures. The next day, we had to depart our ways.
FINALLY, onto the outfit portion of this post! I've been seeing this lemon trend everywhere and of course I had to hop on to the bandwagon. This lemon printed dress combines three of my favorite trends: off the shoulder, lemons, and a comfortable shift dress. It's definitely more comfortable than knit dresses. If you're petite like me, I would suggest adding a skinny belt, as the shape of the dress is a little bit boxy. Thank goodness this off-the shoulder dress is lined, because I accidentally wore hot pink panties. Opps! I don't think anyone could tell though! The length is just perfect too! Sometimes dresses, especially non-form fitting ones, just overwhelm me because I'm 5'2. This one however, hits at the perfect spot. I can show off my tan legs.....well semi-tan!
Btw, if my makeup and hair look like sh*t, that's because I took these photos after work. I'm just surprised my makeup stays on my face 12 hours later lol.


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  1. I have this dress too and it is so beautiful!! I wear it as a top since it is too short on me but I love it!! x


  2. I love this dress girl! Sooo cute :)

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  3. Top dress, perfect print and colors!


  4. Super cute dress girl. Love your blush color too.

    Kara Aragon

  5. This lemon print romper is seriously so cute!! I'm in love, you look beautiful babe <3

    XO, Jessi

  6. This is such a gorgeous dress - I love the lemon print!
    I'm with you for the golf - I find it so frustrating too!
    Julia x

  7. Looks like a really fun and comfy dress to wear! Would love to wear those this summer.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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