2 Year Anniversary

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Before I get into the post, I want to apologize because I think this will be the only post up this week. I was so excited to post my new fashion posts, but I am unable to edit my photos. I left my laptop at my boyfriend's parents house this weekend, and wont be able to travel up there until Friday. In the meantime, I'm borrowing my friend's computer (which doesn't have my photo software) on it. Hope y'all can understand. Monday, I promise there will be a fashion post up! 

Okay, where has the time gone! I swear my boyfriend and I were just celebrating our 1 year anniversary. I probably said this last year, but this was the year that I felt the most comfortable with him. I'm more comfortable with having no makeup days or lazy hair days. Most importantly, I'm more comfortable talking about my feelings with him (aka if I'm mad that he won't get me a glass of water). I can't explain it, but I feel like we're a mature couple...does that make any sense? (probably not!) We've had some awesome dates like going to an ice castle in the middle of winter. We've also had some bad dates like an awkward roller rink date with a bunch of kids, and a disastrous date to a botanical garden. And of course we've had just chill dates at Famous Daves and Buffalo Wild Wings ( our two favorite places to eat. We go there too often lol). My favorite date this year though was for Valentines Day. We were sick the day of, so we celebrated later. It was well worth the wait because it was at a fancy steakhouse. And let me tell you, the atmosphere was just breathtaking and perfect! 

For our Anniversary, we didn't do that much. It was on Sunday, which was a travel day for us. As I mentioned previously, I left my laptop at his parents house. I realized I forgot it when we were 30 minutes away from our college. Needless to say, I felt like I ruined our Anniversary. We turned our car around, and traveled for like 15 minutes until we decided I could just borrow someone's computer for the week. Thank goodness we decided that because I was not in the mood to be traveling an additional 4 hours. Plus we made it back in the time for the Packers game. And after that we had an intramural tennis match at 7pm. So, since there really wasn't much time to celebrate, we're celebrating on Friday. We're going out to a restaurant, having champagne, and exchanging gifts. I already gave my bf his card and made him cupcakes (which btw, the frosting has melted). I cannot wait to just have a romantic date night! 

I included pictures below from our second year together. Which if you compare it to last year's anniversary post Probably because he's more comfortable with me and denying pictures lol. And also because we're college students and don't go "photo worthy" places all that often. Plus, I'm a perfectionist with photos and only like pictures with my DSLR. Okay....let's now go down memory lane. 
                             We went on a hike to find a bridge, but couldn't find it. After an hour, we gave up! 
We went to this location last winter and wanted to see what it looked like in the fall....it was definitly more breathtaking in the winter
We accidently swapped the roof and sides of our gingerbread house, so it turned out lopp-sided. 

He came to visit me for Christmas break. We ended up leaving after taking these pictures because he felt sick and it was supposed to snow. But we still had fun ice skating :) 
Random photoshoot for my blog :) 
Freezing our butts off at an Ice Castle 
My bf took me on a surprise hike. The waterfall was supposed to be the surprise. As we were approaching it though, a lady asked her husband if they were going to take the route to the waterfall. It was still breathtaking. 

I'm still amazed that he bought me Daisy by Marc Jacobs for Valentine's Day. That boy has good taste! 

Coloring Easter Eggs together! We couldn't figure out how to "write" on the eggs with the pen that it came with. 
His car get stuck in the mud at the botanical gardens. It was a disaster! 

For 4th of July, we went to a fair and went on a spontaneous swim at the beach. 

I couldn't pick a favorite picture lol. 
Most recent, we went to his mom's wedding. It was such a cute barn wedding. We were the only ones on the dancefloor when "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran was playing. It was magical :) Oh and let's not forget my struggle to find a dress. 

Can't wait to graduate with this boy in May and see where live takes us!

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  1. Very cute photos! Happy 2 year anniversary. Congrats! Hope ya'll continue to be super happy & making great memories together :)

    Kara Aragon

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love all the fun adventures & cute pics of you two!

    XO, Lawren

  3. Aww happy anniversary! Y'all are too cute :) Also, that sucks you left your computer at his parent's house - I would be going stir crazy haha!

    Lauren Lindmark | https://www.dailydoseofcharm.com


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