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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Let's first address the obvious: I dyed my hair! The only one who has complimented me was my boyfriend. Everyone else in my family says it's wayyyy too blonde. And everyone who I've seen or has seen my latest pictures on social media has commented at all. So I'm not sure if they haven't noticed (which is highly unlikely) or if they just don't like it. What are your guy's honest thoughts? Let me tell you, it was quite the process to get it this color. I went in on a Wednesday asking for an ombre. Three hours later, my hair was dyed. However it looked way to brassy for my liking. So I went back to the salon the next day hoping that they could do something about it that day. I had a wedding to attend that weekend, so I wanted it to look perfect. The lady was real nice about it took the time to redye it. Normally, bleaching my hair two days in a row scares me. My hair is typically quite dry (my parents didn't bless me with nice hair). So I try not to do too much damage to it, especially since I straighten my hair everyday. I'm glad I went in though because I'm quite please with the way it turned out. I feel like a whole new person. As much as I hate the thought of bleaching my hair, I kind of want to keep this look for awhile.

Just a fair warning, my hair isn't looking the best in this post. It's second or third day hair. So it's somewhat greasy, flat, and wavy in random spots. 
I finished up my internship recently, and I have to say, I had quite a pleasant time. Though the college recruiter is right. I should have written down each week what I did/accomplished. Looking back, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what I worked on. I will say I learned a lot about myself. For the past year or two, I considered being a retail manager. The reason for that is, I could pretty much live anywhere in the US and be guaranteed job openings. However, after working in corporate, I feel like I can't go back. You have so much more freedom (ability to work from home, set your own hours, take a pee break whenever). The major reason though is that working in a cubicle is a lot easier than multi-tasking with customers/with your own work. You just have your own space and are able to just buckle down with work. 
Looking back at this summer, there's one thing I regret: sitting around on my phone. I have a habit of checking Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. While there's never anything that new, I still check it during commericials and sometimes during dinner. I never really thought anything of it until I realized this will probably be my last year at my house. I'm graduating this summer so I hope to move out next summer. I didn't really spend that much time socializing with my family. Sure I would make comments about the tv show we were watching or answered questions that my parents asked, but I wasn't really engaged. These are years that I can't get back. 

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  1. I like your hair! I always hated working retail! So glad I don't work in it anymore!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. The cutest little polka dot dress!

    Xo, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

  3. So obsessed with your hair! It looks great on you

    x Ali
    Ali + Liz

  4. your hair looks so good! Love it!!

    XO, Jessi

  5. Love the cut out of the polka dot dress!

  6. I love your hair AND that dress!! Fabulous!!

  7. Your hair looks lovely! You look great being a blond or a brunette. Hope you had a great time at the wedding.

  8. Your hair looks amazing! Congrats on finishing your internship! That dress is just lovely!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  9. Love your hair, looks great, so fresh and summery!! I love everything polka dot and this dress is so my style! x



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