Copper Flowers & Waterfalls

Monday, October 23, 2017

Today was an incredibly productive for me. Not gonna lie, I may have skipped my 9 am class. Don't lie, if you're a college student, you're tempted to do this every day. In my defense this is my first skip of the semester. And plus it's just a gen-ed class. A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do for some extra I right!? But like I said, I was quite productive. This is the first day in a while that I don't have a sh*t long list of things to do (I take that back, I have some quizzes do for my promotion class. Better get on that tonight!) So I took the opportunity of having my morning off to get organized. I've been meaning to refold all the laundry in my drawers for the longest time. Plus, I've been meaning to put all of my summer clothes and shoes in my suitcase to make more room in my tiny college room. Check & Check! Last thing I need to do is take out my trash....which isn't that hard to do, yet its been sitting there forever.
Clearly I have been loving rompers this summer/fall, because this is the 3rd one I've posed. I couldn't resist this floral romper though because one it's black (which is my favorite color), two it's fall colored, and three, it's off the shoulder. I honestly want to wear this romper everyday because it's so freakin' cute! Plus, it's incredibly comfortable....which I'm all about recently.
I die for views like this! I honestly never thought I was that outdoorsy of a person prior to going to college in Wisconsin. However, after dating my boyfriend, I realized how much beauty there is in nature. Since he started being my "photographer" for my blog, my "signature" photos have been in woodsy/nature-y location like this.....AND I LOVE IT!
When were hiking through this location, there was this middle-aged woman who commented, "you should get her some gym shoes". I about died when she said that. These are honestly the flattest pair of boots that I own. I honestly don't think they're that bad, but I guess they are lol. 
I can't tell you how much I loved going to this little "waterfall" location because the scenery was just beautiful. However, I think I love it even more looking back at the photos. I swear I'm always saying "this is my favorite post" (except for this sunny-shadow flops of pictures), but this is honestly my favorite. It is inspiring me to keep up with this good quality content. 
I honestly didn't see the bug on the lead until I  pressed the play back button. I was so excited and screamed to my boyfriend, "I captured a picture of the bug". Looking back, I was a little ridiculous. Oh and another funny moment was were hiking to the rocks and my boyfriend was in front of me. He shouted Oh shit, because it was muddy no matter where he stepped. He made his way back to me and his shoes were black from the mud. He said his socks were soaked and it felt like quick sand. He was a good sport about it. Me on the other hand would have been so grumpy that my shoes were ruined. 
I just noticed I forgot to wear a necklace in this post. With this floral romper, I would probably wear a gold dainty necklace. I saw that even though the only one I own is a tarnished one from Forver 21. (Note to self, be on the look out for dainty necklaces). And if I wasn't hiking though the woods, I would've worn heeled ankle booties. It honestly would be the perfect outfit! I forgot to mention this romper is less than $15 from Rosegal, and is totally worth it.   


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  1. Gorgeous photos and that romper is to die for!!

    Turquoise and Chaos

    1. I'm disappointed I haven't gotten to wear it more this season. It's a little too cold now

  2. Lovely outfit and pictures ;)

  3. You look stunning, and this fall backdrop is perfection!

    XO, Lawren

  4. OMG that romper is so adorable! And the scenery for this shoot is just too perfect!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  5. What a great romper, the colors are perfect for Fall! I find it funny, when people put their two cents in about what you are wearing. One time a lady told me my ballet flats were completely inappropriate for pumpkin picking, LOL!!

    xx, Elise

    1. lol I did't know you had to have "comfortable" shoes for pumpkin picking. That's too funny

  6. Gorgeous photos! I LOVE the nature background! :) Your romper is so pretty too, love the print!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. I love the background as well. Going on hikes is so much fun
      Kate || KATE KOUTURES

  7. Cute romper and beautiful photos!


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