One Last Call For Summer

Monday, October 02, 2017

Yay!!! It feels so great to have my computer back and to not borrow someone else's computer. You have no idea how hard it is to run maintain a blog when you go to class almost all day and then have to return my friend's computer at 6pm. That left no time to get caught up on editing photos. But I'm back and I'm incredibly excited. Now I know what you're thinking.....why are you posting a swimsuit post in the fall? First off, it's because I'm a tad bit behind on blog posts (bet you haven't heard that excuse before). The other reason though is because I'm the kind of person that is never dressing appropriately for the current season. Take today for example. It's a windy day and here I am wearing a tunic dress and white shorts while everyone else is wearing a bralette and chunky sweater.
I guess you could I'm just wanting to hold onto the last bit of summer. While everyone has been posting booties and pumpkin spice lattes (which btw when has psl, become a thing?) for the past month, I have FINALLY transitioned my Instagram account into my fall theme. And I have to say, I'm quite proud of how it's coming along....shameless self promo, follow me on Instagram!  

These photos are a little risk-ay to be posting, but oh well! I have been eyeing this banana leaf swimsuit since the beginning of summer. And now I finally have my hands on it. The print is just the cutest! I love the caged detailing on the sides. It's such a sexy touch. It does have some side boob, so just beware if you're looking for something more modest, this may not be for you. It'll probably look better on you, because chances are, you have bigger boobs than me lol. The swimsuit is from Zaful under $15 and is actually good quality. 

I haven't owned a one piece swimsuit probably since I was like 6. As a young kid, I wanted a bikini because I thought it was always more "grown up" Funny thing is, now I think one pieces are more "grown up".  I guess I associate them with moms. This one piece, though is far from a's a hot, sexy mom lol. 
My biggest photography tip for y'all when shooting on an extremely sunny day, is to take pictures of the back of you. Your hair always looks bomb, no one knows if your makeup is messed up, and you won't have those harsh shadows on your face. Plus everything looks cuter from behind :) 
Another thing about shooting directly in the sun, is how much I hate how none of my photos end up being the same shade of colors...hence why this picture is at the end of the post. Lately, I've been loving doing messy beach waves in my hair. It looks ten times better with my ombre hair then my natural brunette shade. Plus how cute do these "beach waves" look with the palm print swimsuit!? Too bad they weren't natural from the ocean. 


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  1. You look amazing in this suit! I love the print and your hair looks fabulous!

    XO, Lawren

  2. You are adorable! I love this swimsuit- it looks so cute on you!
    Courtney ||

  3. I wish it could be Summer all year long. Love this suit on you babe.

    xx, Maryam

  4. So cute, fits you perfectly!! And the pictures are the bomb. com!

  5. That one piece is so cute! I love it with the high waisted shorts :) So glad you got your computer back, that must have been such a pain!

    Lauren Lindmark |

    1. It honestly was a pain! Such a hassle to just do basic things like waiting to check my email

  6. I love the outfit! super chic

  7. This suit looks amazing on you! Glad you have your laptop back :)

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