Tiffany and Sequin

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Currently sitting in my room staring at my mess. There's a laundry basket of clothes practically over flowing. Other clothes are just thrown all over the place. My "vanity" (and when I say vanity, I mean a dorm room dresser with my endless bottles of lotions on top) is a clutter of mess. And I have empty cans of Pringles on my desk. Oh and not to mention my beauty blender hasn't been washed in a week. You guys must think I'm a slob. Don't judge me! On the plus side, I woke up at 7:30, showered, did full glam makeup and hair, went to a class, and did a presentation about my past internships. Which on a side note, I hate presentations, so why did I volunteer myself? Not a clue. But it's over, and I can't be more happy! Now onto mastering a phone interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Remember those muscle tanks that show of your bralette, yep I bringing them back! I've only owned one or two in the past, but I always just wore a tank top underneath them. I never really invested in a bralette so that's one of the reasons. But now that I have like 3, I figured I should probably ACTUALLY wear them lol.

I'm loving this combination of my white bralette paired with this aqua blue tank. It's so feminine and pretty. I know the sequin pocket isn't everyone's style, but I think it's adorable. It just reminds of someone with a cute southern charm who's preppy. All I need is a monogram necklace lol. (I'm actually considering asking for a monogram necklace for Christmas. I've wanted one for a couple years.....)

I meant to pair this outfit with a simplistic necklace, but I forgot. Opps! 

Previously in the day, I was wearing a black romper with booties. Then I changed into the sequin tank. My boyfriend was like wow, you're looking awfully spring-y. I could see where he was coming from because is a bright-er shade of blue/mint. However, I thought it looked fall appropriate with jeans and brown booties. It's less than $10 from DressLily Who says you can't wear bright colors in the fall?


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  1. I love a little sparkle on anything, such a cute tank! Adorable booties too!

    xx, ELise

  2. Beautiful photos! Love your top!

  3. Looking chic with those booties dear!

    Jessica |


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