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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Well we're  half-way through November, so I don't feel so bad making Holiday themed blog posts. So from here on out, that' probably what you'll see from me. The other day, I went on a coffee date with my bf. We're a huge fan of cappuccinos from Kwik Trip. We love how sweet they are in comparison to regular coffee. So we were in for a real treat when we went to a local coffee shop and order a hazelnut cappuccino. It was bitter (probably strong) and it tasted like real coffee. We choked down about half a cup and decided to leave. Guess you could call us coffee snobs.

Now that it's cold outside, I love having a warm drink to hold in my hands. It make the wind chill just a little bit more bearable. I went into a local boutique and they had a coffee bar in the corner. I thought it was the cutest thing. Then later,  I was looking on Pinterest, and I guess coffee bars are "a thing" for those that have cutesy houses. I know if I had my own house and wasn't a college student, I would so have one. Except I wouldn't make it coffee. Instead, it would be a hot coco bar. I'm telling you guys, ditch the wine bar, and set up a hot coco bar. We're talking about bringing out all the tinsel, Christmas Lights, bows, peppermint, and rustic wood. Voila, you've got yourself the perfect set up. Here are some ideas for y'all. (photo credit goes to all these wonderful people!)

The Hot Coco Cart 

I'm starting this post off with some high expectations. If your house looks like this, bless you! have great style then! For us that aren't so talented, there's always the option for an interior designer. Havenly offers online interior designers, so you can design from the comfort of your own home. But honestly how cute would this look be if you're throwing a holiday party! I probably wouldn't use this idea for everyday use, but a little Christmas mingle would be perfect. 

Gold Circle Tray 

Now this is more practical for us introverts who don't throw parties lol. All you need is a gold tray (circle or rectangular) and throw on your favorite "toppings". You can set this on a table, or a counter and Voila! 

Tiered Dessert Tray 

If you're wanting to go big or go home, a dessert tray is the way to do it. I love the tiered look. It gives lots of room for organizing. Plus how cute is this wood!!!!  

Hot Coco Corner 

If you have a some room in the corner of your kitchen, bring out all your festive decorations. Hang up some letters, and decorate a small tree!  


This might be going a little over board, but there's nothing like cute cursive on a chalkboard. It makes the perfect backdrop  

Labels and Mason Jars

There's something about cute little labels on jars that get me! It adds such a gorgeous touch! Get all your peppermint, marshmallows, and chocolate out to display them! 

Decorative Cups 

This may be a little time consuming, but if you're not into buying a bunch of mugs, to go cups are the way to go. Put on some plaid cardstock, maybe even some burlap, some cute stickers, and you're good to go! 

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  1. LOVE this! I need to have a hot coco bar, that's such a genius idea, & I love all the fun & festive decor!

    XO, Lawren

  2. hmmm i would definitely whack a coffee bar into a house if i owned one, as a matter of damn priortity! because coffee is ALWAYS the priority haha. these photos are soo gorgeous and making me feel so festive and snuggly (and wanting to surround myself with ALL the coffee!)

    katie. xx

  3. That hot coco corner looks amazing!! I need one haha

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  4. love this post! Yay for Christmas!

  5. I would love to have a hot coco right now.

    Jessica |

  6. I absolutely love all these set ups X

    xx Lisa |


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