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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Long time no talk! I feel like it's been a while since I've posted on my blog. It's only been 5 days, but to me that's a while. Last time I "talked" to you guys was Thanksgiving. I want to say a lot has happened since then. In reality, not a whole lot has been eventful. I went Black Friday with my family. And let me tell you, I convinced my mom to buy me a lot of new clothing.....kind of feeling guilty. They were all Christmas presents though, so I won't be using getting to wear them until after the holiday. It all started when I told her on my Christmas list, I want a "real winter coat". She looked at me very strangely, like "didn't I just buy you a coat two years ago." And yes, she did buy me this black and white plaid dress coat. I feel so chic in it (despite the fact that it's looking a little worn. However, it's not very warm and practical. It's more of a coat that you wear with a dress or for photos. Definitely not something that I would war in my cold, college climate. So my mom agreed that it would be a good investment, but she wanted me to be there with her to try it on. And let me tell you, I'm glad she said that. They were so many I found adorable, but they were wayyyy too big. If you're petite and thin, you know the struggle. 

And while we were on the hunt, for the coat, of course I came across things I would "want for Christmas" aka clothing my mom bought and I "need to be surprised when I open it". Like the coat, they were practical things too: a sweater, sweatshirt, a flannel, and pajamas. And of course they were on sale; you can't pass up Kohl's Black Friday Deals of 9.99. 
So let's just say, I won't have many surprises on Christmas. At first I was okay with that, but now I'm kind of sad lol. I like having the anticipation of not knowing what something is. Speaking of Christmas though, we're almost 25 days away! I've been listening to Christmas music in my car and while I'm working on homework. Though, I'm not very much in the Christmas spirit. I think once it snows, I'll be more immersed. We better not have a "green" Christmas this year. It's not the same without some snow...actually, lots of snow! 

Speaking of Christmas, let's talk about my outfit. I'm sure like everyone else, I LOVE wearing red during the holidays. I feel so festive when I do. Any other time of the year, I find myself staying clear of the color, (mostly because I don't own very much of it). This long sleeve blouse  is perfect for any holiday parties you have planned. Or, how cut would it be at a tree farm for your Christmas Card!!! You can even transition it to an office look. It's under $10 from Zaful... say what!!!
I've finally hopped on the otk boot trend. I've been a fan of it for a while, but haven't really found a pair that fits my tiny thighs. There's nothing more annoying than having boots slip down. I love the tie up on the back. I find it adds such a cute detail. Most importantly, these babies were in my price range.... $40 from Target! Oh and my boyfriend thought it would be cute to photograph them with the fence rails blurred in this picture
My boyfriend and I went Christmas shopping after shooting these pictures, and not gonna lie, I felt pretty cute with the red blouse and the otk boots. Nothing like feeling confident in how you look that day. I find a vneck looks better on my than a scoop neck, which is another reason why I love this long sleeve.  How did your Black Friday Shopping go? Did you get any good deals? 

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  1. Love this color on you!


  2. Very nice and beautiful outfit ... color is super cute ;)

  3. Beautiful look! Love your top!

  4. Looking lovely on red dear! Also, beautiful intricate details.

    Jessica |


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