Thanksgiving Plaid

Friday, November 24, 2017

EEEK! It's Thanksgiving week! For me, that means canceled classes...ummm yes!! I can't complain about that. You have no idea how excited I am to go home. And of course Black Friday! Yes, I'm that annoying girl that is going out early to shop. The funny thing though is that I probably won't buy anything. Clearly, I started this post earlier this week and never got around posting it. It surely has been a busy week for me. It's just been one thing after another, and I've been behind on blog posts. It's better late than never though, right!? Plaid never goes out of style though, so it can be worn all season long. Navy plaid is my absolute favorite. I love the contrast between the blue and red on this button down. I feel like such a prepster!!! If I had a statement necklace, it woul
d complete this outfit. Does it not remind you of something from J-Crew!?
I'm a little bummed about these photos. I planned on taking it in front of this sort of barn looking place. Unfortunately, it had a no trespassing sign up on it.  So I settled for this bridge which I've gone too so many times. My boyfriend says I need to find new location. He's tired of going to the same old places lol. 
Booties are my absolute favorite! I remember I went through a combat boot stage and then a riding boots stage. Now I love boots with a little heel. Older folks are always telling me that I shouldn't expose my ankles lol 
I normally a dark jean type of person, but I kind of like the contrast of the navy plaid with the light wash. I think this is going to be my new go to plaid shirt. You can never have too many lol. That's the mid-westerner in me. Oh and before I forget to mention, the top is from Zaful and is less than $20. Highly recommend! 

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  1. Super comfy and stylish look! Looks great!

  2. Very nice outfit and booties ;)

  3. Such a cute Thanksgiving look!


  4. Lovely outfit dear. Love the simple plaid top and fringe booties.

    Jessica |

  5. Great plaid top. You can never have too much plaid!

    Kara Aragon


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