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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

It's currently snowing outside, and I couldn't be happier. We had our first little "snowfall" on Tuesday (besides the random bit that snowed on Halloween). Right now it's just little flurries and I think it's just the cutest thing. I'm sitting inside though, so I can't complain much. Once I go outside and that gust of wind hits me in the face, I hate it lol. Not to mention, I slipped so many times yesterday and almost fell on my face a couple of times....thanks University for using my tuition money to do a poor salt job. On top of that I lost control of my car in a parking lot and it ran right into a curb. There's a few big scratches, but thankfully no dents. It was honestly pretty scary and I felt like a driver's ED student all over again, not knowing how to drive. 
I'm going out later today so I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't happen again. Right now all I want to do is wear some buffalo check (preferrably pajamas), put on some fuzzy socks, eat a candycane, watch some Hallmark Christmas Movies, and sit in front of the fireplace with a tree lit in the corner. I guess you could say I'm in the Christmas mood! Elf is on TV tonight, so I might be watching that :)
BTW Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Before I went back to college after Thanksgiving break, my mom gave me a brown paper bag that said "Do NOT OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 6th). I swear she's going to continue the tradition until I'm 60 lol. I haven't opened it, so I'm curious what's inside it. 
When I was little I was always so excited for St. Nicholas Day, it was practically like Christmas. I would always get up super early before school. You could say I was alittle self centered because I would always hope there would be an expensive item in my stock like a Nintendo DS. 
Speaking of stockings, do/did you guys leave out your shoes to be filled or stockings? I always found it strange to leave out your dirty shoes lol 
Since it's snowing out in the midwest, I won't be wearing this cropped sweatshirt for a little while. If you're in a warmer climate though, you could totally get away with wearing it right now. It's not overly thick where you'll be overheating, it's just the perfect in between sweatshirt.  
I've owned a cropped sweatshirt before. Actually, I take that back. I own a blue cropped spirit jersey (which my old roommate owns a matching one.....if you're reading this Natalie...text me. I miss you). Anyways, I don't own a cropped hoodie, and I find it so much more flattering, especially with high-waisted jeans. 
This outfit is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I'm used to wearing more girly things, but this is more of a hipster outfit. Let me tell you though, it was incredibly comfortable with the more relaxed pants, sweatshirt, and sneakers. And before you all comment that I don't know what the sweatshirt says, I actually took four years of French in high school. I don't remember much, but I do know that it says "It's the Paris Life"....or something of that sort. 

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  1. I love your sweater! :)

  2. Oh driving in the snow sounds scary! That's the thing, snow always looks and sounds beautiful but I've never had to drive in it, haha!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! After a crazy week I'm hoping to do a little bit more for Christmas, getting those last few gifts and doing some more wrapping! We use stockings here and I have lots of little gifts to put inside them I need to wrap!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Such a cute look! Loving sweater and Adidas rubber shoes combo! Such a cute casual look.

    Jessica |

  4. You look super cute! I love to watch the snow fall too, but I don't love going outside when it's windy lol
    Good that you are safe, that must have been scary what happened with your car!
    Have a great week girl :)

  5. Such cute style babe!!!!!
    Happy Monday!
    Xx Brandi

  6. Those are my favorite sneakers! SO cute and comfy! And love this entire look. SO casual and chic!


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