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Friday, January 12, 2018

No matter how much I plan ahead, I'm always seem to be falling behind schedule....WITH EVERYTHING! Prime example is my Instagram; I'm still posting Christmas themed content. I am determined this year to stay on top of my game. Which is why I'm getting my first Valentine's day special up! I'm going to be showing you some super cute options that you can feel super girly in on your big day with your man! Be prepared for lots of pink, red, and lace! It's never to early to shop being that stores are already breaking out their Valentine's Sale.

Red Belle Sleeve 

This red blouse combines so many of my favorite trends: high neck, off the shoulder, lace, peplum, and RED. If I had to pick a shirt that describes Valentine's perfectly, then this would be the one! The sheer lace gives the perfect amount of sexy. You'll sure be knocking his socks off when he sees you in this. 

Red Roses

When I was younger, I would always go to The Daddy Daughter dance. I remember always wearing tights, so I'm pretty sure it took place around Valentines Day. One year I wore a floral dress that had red reflective glitter and red roses. I absolutely adored. This plunging dress takes me back to those days

Sexy Sweater

For us Midwest chics who don't want to freeze are tushies off, a cozy sweater in a festive sweater is the perfect option. I absolutely adore the criss-cross detailing on the back of this pale pink sweater; It's the perfect amount of sexiness for Valentine's Day. 

Burgundy Velvet
This long sleeve velvet dress is another option if you're wanting to stay warm! It's a body con dress, so you're able to show off you nice boot-ay! If you have a similar dress from the holidays, break it on out for Vday! 

Classic Little Black Top

I'm a sucker for the combination of lace and a sweetheart neckline. To me, it's just so feminine. This lace top would be perfect to style with jeans and maybe even some black patent heels if you're feeling fancy! Also, how cute would it be with a sleek ponytail? This little black top is less than $15 during Rosegal's Valentines Sales 2018 (January 12- February 14). 

Pretty in Pink

I saved the cutest option for last! How darling is this off the shoulder dress? I just love how innocent this pale pink dress is. If I was going out to dinner, this would be my pick! Think of all the cute pictures? 

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  1. I cannot believe V-day is just a month away. Great post. My favorite is the first top you shared. Love.

    Kara Aragon

  2. I love this post! I can't believe Valentines day is coming up...crazy!

    Lauren Lindmark |

  3. That red blouse is both classy and sexy at the same time! Love the lace details and the sexy cold shoulder style. Also, that cute floral dress is super sexy, perfect for date nights! ha!

    Jessica |


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