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Monday, January 29, 2018

Hello everyone!!! I'm currently sitting inside while there's a snow storm. To be honest, I'm not mad. I honestly love cold weather. It's so refreshing to step outside and feel the cool air.....that is until you're outside for more than 15 minutes. I'm actually kind of dreading the warmer weather that will eventually be coming. Who wants to be sweating through their clothes? I was thinking of this the other day, and you know what amazes me? The fact that I'm always losing my chapsticks and lipsticks. I lose a lot of things like socks and hair ties, but where do these honestly go to? It's not like I have a super big collection, so I'm practically down to nothing right now. When I was in high school and even college, I never really put much focus on my lip products. I would occasionally wear Maybelline's BabyLips in the color Peach Kiss. It didn't add much, but it did make a slight difference. Now I feel naked without a lipgloss/lipstick. I feel as if I missed out this holiday season though. I did not once rock a dark, red lip. What is wrong with me. I guess there's always Valentine's Day. Speaking of which, today I'm doing another Valentine's Day post. I know what you're thinking, ANOTHER one? Yep another one. This one's "theme" darling in pink. I found the cutest pink dresses for all you ladies. A lot of them are apart of Valentine's Sales, so you'll be saving major money.


This mauve is by far my favorite color right now, I love it paired with white and grey; it's just the cutest combination. So of course, I love this wrap dress.  The floral print and pleats add such a girly touch, but the wrap part adds some sexiness! 


Okay so this pinstripe, off-the-shoulder dress  is not necessarily the most appropriate if you live in cold weather, but it would be so cute if you live in the south. I'm still loving the pinstripe and off the shoulder trend if you can't tell. I hope it never goes out of style. This dress is part of Gamiss's Valentines Sale 2018, and costs under $25. What a steal!  


If you're looking for a conservative dress that will keep you warm and is super cute, this lace skater dress is perfect for you! Plus, you could totally pair some tights and booties with this mauve dress too! 


Swing dresses are my new favorite style of dress. I wasn't always a fan, but now I'm all on-board for the whole comfy dress trend! This choker dress is the perfect shade of pink! Plus how cute would this outfit look with a milky shade of pink nail polish. 


I saved the most unique dress for last! I absolutely adore the delicate sleeves on this corset dress. Is anyone else getting major Kim K vibes? This dress is also a part of Gamiss's Valentine's Day Special. It costs $26, which honestly isn't too bad for a special occasion dress. 

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  1. These dresses are super cute!!! Love the lace one!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Cute picks you got here dear. My fave would be the wrap dress; it's sexy and naughty. ha! Swing dress is really pretty too.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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