Snowy Elk Blizzard

Monday, March 05, 2018

Okay, I know what you're thinking.....REALLY!? A REINDEER SWEATER IN MARCH!? I will agree with you that this sweater should have been shot back in December. But then I think about how I do live in Wisconsin. There's always snow probably until April/May. So I might as well embrace the winter looks instead of envy those that have bright, fun, beach pictures. One thing I do hate (I might have mentioned this before) is that the snow just looks like a big empty white space in photos. So if any of you have tips for making snowy picture look less boring, feel free to offer some advice, and help your girl out! 
This is the first time that I've worn my hair "natural" for a blog post. I've worn my hair in "effortless beach waves" for pictures before, but I've always thrown in some curls with a curling iron. This time, I was too lazy to do anything to it, so I just let my hair dry. It turned out sort of nice, but nothing too spectacular. I find I look like 4-5ish years younger when I don't straighten my hair. 
Tonight, my boyfriend and I made "homemade" pizza. By homemade, I mean we bought Pillsbury pizza dough, poured on some marinara sauce and sprinkled on some pepperoni and cheese. Let me tell you, it was a b*tch to cook. The dough just wouldn't cook properly. It was fun to make it, but it was not the most enjoyable to eat. 
I'm actually kind of a fan of the whole ugly sweater trend. I find them quite cute for some reason. I love the fact that this reindeer sweater   red, white, blue, and black, as opposed to Christmas colors. I can actually get away with wearing it this time of year without feeling totally out of place. It's also a little bit over-sized so it's nice and comfy. 

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  1. So cute! I think your natural hair looks great!

  2. Your cardi is so cute and colourful!


  3. Your winter look is great with this lovely sweater and I hope you won't have to wait too long for spring ;)


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